Once again,the British soldier is being shafted!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Oct 9, 2005.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

  2. The severance pay seem's like a decent deal. Hopefully those with 20 or more years will get retired pay.
    The soldiers will be young enough to start a civie career.
  3. Have you met many Royal Irish (HS) soldiers?
  4. Nope. They arent old men or infirm are they ?
  5. Sounds like a pretty standard British army redundancy package to me. I suspect for dramatic appeal the paper has listed the high end figures, something the basic tom will not receive.

    It is interesting that people perceive 100,000 pounds as a lot of money. Compare it to what you would have received if you had been able to see out a full career.
  6. 100 large is 5 years' worth of roughly the average wage in the UK. Such a sum, much less even, would allow the guys to retrain and educate themselves at the taxpayers and make themselves eminently more employable than someone whose CV consists of "Spent 4 years as No.2 on a machine gun". If this report is to be believed, it would seem that their redundancy packeages are infinitely more generous than anything they would receive on civvy street. (Unless they are the MD of a privatized utility company.)

    It strikes me as bizarre that at a time when there are manpower shortages and an increase in the number and size of deployments Chairman Tone and Scrooge McDuck, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, are forcing redundencies. Why not ask these soon to be redundant chaps if they would retrain for a conventional army role? Why are we taking on Kiwis, Aussies, Canucks, Jamaican, Fijians etc. when there are people from the British Isles who are capable and willing to serve? Fcuking silly business.
  7. Crabs

    No one said anything about it making any sense. The two major redundancy schemes that followed Option for Change (strange name when there was really only one option) was soon followed by manpower shortages. My previous post was to make the point that the figures quoted appeared to be in line with previous redundancy figures across the UK Mil. I don't think there is a bias to RIR soldiers.

    I wonder if they received an option of transfer to other Regts? Any RIR out there care to comment?
  8. I hope that the rest of the Army that may be made redundant get a similar severance deal, I can tell you for a fact that coming out on tranche 3 of options I didn't get anything like that amount (not complaining though did get a decent deal).

  9. As I stated before I bet that for dramatic effect the papers were quoting the high end figures for OFFicers and SNCOs not the toms. One other statement that crabs made which is correct. The redundancy packages the Army get are substantially better than most civvy employers would ever offer. As an employer I've had to make a number of staff redundant over the past few years and when the unpalatable task comes around it is time for my tight-arrsed mr nastey hat to go on. After all if we had the money I woul;dn't have to make them redundant. Cash flow is a bitch.
  10. If this article is to be believed, they shouldn't get anymore than what was what was given to those who were made redundant in the last round of cuts. They shouldn't get anywhere near £100k.

    I doubt the article, like many others, comprises all of the story and the £100k figure has been mentioned to inflame republican response.

    Journalists......it's not big and it's not clever.
  11. I went out on phase to of option for chop. I received no where near those figures. I suspect as usual this government like all of the scum who lord it over us, will pretend to the papers that the R IRISH who are to be sacrificed for the IRA/SF murderers are getting a good deal.