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Discussion in 'RAC' started by vonny_bee, May 26, 2005.

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  1. hello all,

    I just got through my RCB, and I have been sponsored by the RAC throughout the process and I would be incredibly greatful for any input from you guys.

    I have had a fam visit to bovvy for 4 days (where I got my original sponsorship) and a very brief (only a couple of hours visit) to QRH in paderborn last summer while I was on camp with Wales UOTC.

    I've got to say I was dead impressed with the QRH mess (even tho it was pretty small) and the two chally crews that I spoke to were all top blokes.

    In terms of where and who to go to, any and all input wouldbe great. I am still undecided over formation recce or MBT, although within a reg like QRH It seems as though both are available.

    To be honest I dont really want to go anywhere near the HCav as thats not really my cup of tea, but here are a few Q's:

    - pros/cons of formation recce / mbt (dont need to tell my about the armour on the scimitar- I know already :) )

    - pro/cons of certain regs-

    Im a pretty switched on guy and any comments would be great.

    cheers, Vonny

    [edited for pure and utter sh1te by myself]
  2. They'll be sooooo pleased to have been patronised so readily by a future PO.

    PS - you do know what patronised means don't you?
  3. yes i do, and after reading through the original post I have edited it...you're right :)

    (saying that I have met a few wierd and wonderful types...you know what I mean, so no offence to guys here and over there.)

    enough about that though- has anyone got anything else?
  4. I can tell you about formation recce . It is the way ahead . You go where you need to go not where you are told to go , and you do learn a lot more skills in a FR regiment . Dont be confused because Tank regiments have a troop of scimitars . They have a totally different job to the FR scimitars . I will not bad mouth Tank regiments , who am i to do that i am but a mere cpl . But i have done both jobs and i know which job i prefer .If you want any more info or any particular questions please PM me and i will be happy to answer them to the best of my ability .
  5. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    FR or MBT.... the old debate. Well, if you want to look at another perspective..think about where these types of Regiment are likely to go? Are they going to be mounted on their vehicles on most of their operational tours? Are they going to go on operations in places that you want to go? Do you have any Regional connection with a specific Regiment? Do you have friends/ like minded people in specific Regiments?

    If the answer is is positive and clear to all of the above then you know you have found a family to join that you will love. If not then start casting your net, not only in the RAC but also the wider Army. It is a buyer's market, not a seller's.
  6. cheers guys,

    recce cpl - Ive been speaking to a few people and they have told me that I should look at formation recce, so I think I'll get onto my sponsor and see if I can get fam visits to some other regiments.

    mysteron- you've brought up some pretty good q's there. leading on from them:

    - In the currentclimate I suppose most of these regiments will be on foot on most of their tours (do they take their wagons with them if this is the case?)
    - When you say are they going on tours to places I want to go....Does anyone have a choice in that? As far as I know most reg's have deployed on telic at least once, do the formation recce units play a more active role than traditional mbt units?

    Most importantly though you raised the topic of region/friends etc... A subbie friend of mine is sponsored by the 9/12th and is urging me to go formation recce, but as you say I want to get a really good look at other units before I commit. In terms of the region- i get on with everybody :) but as you say going to have a look i s probably the best option.

    thanks again guys

  7. oops just to add,

    it seems in my posts that I was a bit cav-centric, I have been looking at some infantry units as well, I had a great visit to shornecliffe to visit 1RGR, and my current CO was pushing me to go and see some armoured infantry units, but after brief visits to other units I really am set on a career within the RAC.

    hope that clears something up!
  8. In short FR regiments take there wagons with them , however using them on operations does tend to wind up the locals , so its Land Rovers and on foot until we need to show who is the daddy . Another thing with FR regiments is that ok we do have CVR(T) a lot of our job is dismounted so a lot of infantry skills are required . Of course not section attacks etc but patrolling , CTR's and our bread and butter OP's . We have snipers and some very good FAC's. So dont fall for the 'baby tank' thing ther is a lot more to our job than gunnery and neutral turns . Still good fun !!
  9. thanks recce, ill get onto my recruitment officer and try to organise some fam visits...

    thanks for both of your help.

  10. VB,

    I can echo some of the sentiments from recce-cpl. My time with FR was well spent, and I can safely say that I would far prefer to be FR than CR2. Again, not knocking Tankies, but if you are in to a little bit more than just driving around engaging targets at 4km, I would go for FR.

    FR is also ahead of the FEBA, therefore more risky, but also far more challenging when you are in a CVR-T. Our chaps on TELIC 1 had a pretty interesting time of things.

    I would urge some caution as to which FR regt you look at - some have a better reputation than others. Try HCR/QDG/LD for starters. Also, QRL may be interesting as it will be re-roling, so you may get some CR2 time in with them before they go to CVR-T.
  11. cheers spanner,

    I'm currently trying to organise a fam visit to LD, but I've heard competition for their selection during sandhurst is fierce...it might be worth seing QRL as you said.

    What do the CVRT cmd'ers do inside a CR2 reg (eg QRH), do they act as recce when the regiment is mobilised?

    thanks again,

  12. Without boring you to death with doctraine . CVR(T) in tank regiments are close recce . FR regiments '' handover'' the enemy to close recce units on the battlespace . Any more questions please PM me cheers recce
  13. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    It seems you are getting a lot of FR comment. All of the above is absolutely true and not too rose tinted. Heavy Armour is not as varied in the skill set but is more joined up with wider Army. Everything they do is combined arms now (yes FR is combined in that it works with other ISTAR, before I attract a huge string of rhetoric). However, if sitting in holes looking at things doesn't fire your rockets but blowing stuff up with a huge tank does, well, I don't have to say more.

    Just remember, do not, do not, do not sell yourself too early or short. It is what you want to do that is important. I will give you an example.

    In my unit a young officer turned up fresh faced from Sandhurst. The Regiment he had joined was not what he imagined it to be because he came on a 24hr visit 4 years previous and never checked again. Left and transferred to another unit within 3 months. We did not want him and he did not want us.

    Learn from others, measure twice, cut once.
  14. Having spent most of my time, with regards to a Regular career, looking at FR regiments I've realised I should probably get an idea for what MBT is.

    Unfortunatly I have not had any contact with any of them, nor was there a MBT on my visit to Bovington to look at.

    So could someone give a bit of a blurb on the MBT role and perhaps point out which of the regiments would be a good one to visit? A few people have reccomended the RTR but i was also curious about some of the older regiments.

    All help appreciated.
  15. Noticed that lack of opportunity to look at CR2 when I went to Bovington, you'd have thought that they could at least have found one of the trainers for POs to crawl around on for 1/2 an hour or so, not a patch on the RA visit. To make things worse the museum was closed when I went there.

    As to older regiments the Scots D.G.s sounded quite friendly in their initial contacts but then I heard rumours that they were getting a bit above themselves and about the same time there were rumours that they would get a Royal member after which they went a bit quiet.