Once a squaddie.....?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by LBdr_Pigshagger, Feb 23, 2006.

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  1. I left the Army in March 1998. For some inexplicable reason tonight, in front of my Girlfriend, her parents and another couple in a posh chinese restaurant, I got pissed off with chopsticks and asked the waiter to fetch me a set of "Scoff Rods"


    To my recollection, I haven't used this phrase for years.

    It never, ever leaves you, does it? Ever.

    I blame Stella Artois.

    Tonight, I will mainly be mainly pissing the bed.

  2. Becareful, you could be single by morning lol.
  3. Oh, great :roll:

    I thought it got easier with time. I left in September, and started university two weeks later. Yet I still feel like I am on leave! I was even dreaming about the Army last night! :roll: :roll: :roll:
  4. DOES IT FECK. Once its in your system, it will never leave you alone. Think about it, I bet that when your with your mates you tell them to get the brew's on ,mine NATO. your going for some scoff/scan and then getting your fat one down in your pit. :lol: :lol:
  5. Yes and going for a tommy tit and single fish springs to mind. I got out and still working with them in Afghanistan doh never leave my system


  6. oh how true , my dad works for security firm , new yard manager comes in , first words , right first parade the wagons , then degunge em and parade back here in one hour !!! all the civies gauped and ask wot the f...k are you on about , turns out he was an ex rsm , yeah you might leave the system , but the system never leaves you
  7. I am lucky to live in the inbred village of the damned, chief export mongs.

    I am also very lucky to have some people in my village that I met on my journey through the army, and just by coincidence we got out and got a house in the same village.

    We can hold a ten minute conversation without any of the village (un)intelligence officers understanding anything that was said ! clasic :)

    Wife being a german really confuses them with broken English/German/Army speak when she is with those that had served in BOAR and picked up some boxhead.

  8. My Father (ex Forces) was involved in interviewing some security companies to take over the security of the office block. One company was all ex forces.

    One of the companies sent two reps along, an ex officer and an ex RSM who kept bracing up when being addressed, and relaxing when the attention was away from him. He also couldn't get out of the habit of saying 'Sir'. They didn't get the contract, but some ex sandy beret chaps did.
  9. Been out 10 years in May. Still speak the speak. My Dad has been out 21 years and is Still speaking the speak.
    Its for winners.
    my wife has a wardrobe - i have a locker - drives her up the wall.
    i eat with noshing spanners
    i like big eats, drinking brews, and the occasional scoobysnacks.
    Banjos are my breakfast
    i work with ex forces too - if someone walks in the office - we turn it up a notch so they cant understand us - i live with TLA's

    Its all i know.

  10. That's very true.

    I work in the IT department of my local college, doing web design and programming. The network administrator is an ex-Bootneck, and we often slip into military jagon, even when talking about technical stuff. Servers "go t*ts up", incompetent users are "a waste of rations" and so on. On one occasion, we had an obscure program running on one of our servers. We wanted to shut it down but we didn't know if any of the staff still used it, so the admin said "F*ck it, recce by fire - let's mag to grid and see who screams."

    When I started working there the IT manager was an ex-Mateolt, one of the other guys was an ex-Crab, and the fact that I was an ex-Squaddie helped at my interview.

    The staff who've never been in find us a bit difficult to undestand sometimes, though. One of the guys turned up for a team meeting 3 minutes before the start time and was surprised to be told he was 2 minutes late. A lass in the department didn't understand why I wasn't offened when the ex-RAF lad called me a Pongo, she said I smelled OK to her!
  11. In the IT section where i work there are several ex squaddies, Raf and fishheads.

    team leader meetings can be quite amusing especially for the uninitiated.

    Servers going tits, Snafu, u/s kit, getting a brew on, networks f**ked, get us a banjo from the sarnie shop, stickies.

    oh and the language gets a bit fruity sometimes.

    also nights out get a bit loud and the banter gets a bit close to the knuckle for some of the normal? people!

    still plenty of smoke and straight down the middle!!!
  12. I'm out in 10 months after 22 years. I'm not sure if I should be reassured or worried! 8O
  13. I've been out 10 years - I still POL my car after a long journey. I even told the dog to "get a grip" when she was dawdling around the bushes on a walk.
  14. I'm missing it that much, I've just applied to join the TA. Hopefully that will give me what I'm missing. I just hope the TA has the same banter, sense of humour and lingo.

    If it does, then spotted dog!

    edited to say join the TA. I was regular for nearly 8 years.
  15. I've been out 10 years, and have been a contracto for most of it. About 90% of the jobs I've worked on have been with ex Bills.
    I have been known to phone up the IT department and tell them my PC is VOR'd.
    And been met with Silence.