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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by fozzy, Apr 5, 2007.

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  1. Watching this now. The first of a 6 episode docco about the Royal Hospital Chelsea, and an old Sapper becoming a new in pensioner.
  2. Fair play did you see the 101 year old in the gym, he'd put most of our crows to shame. Good old boys i bet there's some war stories flying round in there that would make your hair curl.
  3. Wonderful! :1:

    Long may they all flourish.

    Shame - but maybe typical - that BBC hived it off to a minority channel.
  4. Just shows, you are never too old to be the Troop sprog.

  5. Many years ago I once had the pleasure of attempting to drink with them in their bar! I brought the round to the table, turned round to put the tray back on the bar. As i turned back around one of the old boys said " Don't bother sitting down youth" As in "get back to the bar"!
    To this day I can only remember the early part of the evening as the rest has been permanantly erased from memory.
    God bless em.
  6. does anyone know if they do visits to the hospital. Its just we have a troop piss up oops team building day coming up soon and i have been told they have a cracking bar there.
  7. It's on now BBC4 ...... not seen it before ..... but quite interesting.

    I guess some of you gents might be Chelsea Pensioners? It said on the programme that they have a computer room.
  8. "E saved my life, that Jim. He must remember me."

    I got a nasty speck of dust in the eye.

    Although I am not proud of our politicians, most of our people, or even the way our society is going, I am intensely proud, and grateful to these men. And, if bovvy is right, and some of you fellers do browse these hallowed pages - thank you for all you did.

    A Sarnian.
  9. A few years back, while on my crew commanders course the DS arranged a visit to Chelsea. Excellent tour with one of old boys as guide. Very interesting and of course the last stop was in the bar. We were supposed to be doing Woolwich assault course in the PM. Shame that the old boys would'nt let us leave the bar for hours.
  10. I'm dead thick on this sort of thing, but I always thought that there were a few guys, who, on retiring from service, became Chelsea Pensioners. But I was surprised to learn that they went through a "normal" "civvy" retirement ....... and then applied ...... at 90!!!! (in some cases)
  11. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Liked it when one went back to the old age home in his new uniform - great hit with all the old dears......
  12. I really like these institutions. (I became a psyche nurse in 1980, when institutionalisation was a dirty word.) But there is something about living in something of an institution, an army camp, in beautiful parkland, surrounded by heathland that I, certainly, adore. And I have a mate, who is much older than me, who lives in a delightful scheme for ladies over 50.
  13. You need to drop a line to The Sgt Major, WO1 XXX, cracking bloke and they are always glad to see you.