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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Myss, Jul 22, 2007.

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  1. Sorry, very late notice, it's on BBC4 and started from 1900-30hrs. The programme is focussing on two ex-soldiers on their way to join the Chelsea Pensioners.
  2. Watching with my 3 sons....
    lump in throat, grit in eyes....
  3. Not the kind of question you expect on your first day of basic.
    Do you want to be buried or cremated :?

    Same sentiments Gnr_D
  4. Only came across the programme whilst doing a search to see what was decent within the usual shite sunday programming. A touching programme especially when one got a lump in his throat about his wife who passed in the previous year (one of his reasons to join the pensioners) and the ex-REME with Singapore POW memories as clear as if it happened yesterday, looking forward to meeting a fellow pensioner who was in the same camp and says he saved his life. Unfortunately for him (Wally), the man in question (Jim) either could not or didn't want to remember his experiences back then - which Wally could understand but still wanted to see if there was a way to ask without upsetting the man.

    It would be lovely to know if this was one episode of the series. Don't think much is said about the role of Chelsea Pensioners and the people that work around them.

    Edit: Just checked and seen this is the second of eight programmes; this episode will be repeated at 0150hrs early tomorrow morning.
  5. I think it said it was number 2 of 8 on the info on my skybox.
  6. Thanks IRON, just did a search and edited my previous post. :wink:
  7. I watched all the series when it was on before and thoroughly recomend it - although many moments which bring a lump to the throat
  8. For those serving overseas, Once A Soldier is currently on BFBS1 on Sunday evenings at 2045 CET
  9. It's repeated tonight, BB2 1900.
  10. What a touching programme. And what sad news at the end. Thanks for flagging it up.

    I notice the Padre there is an ex-serviceman himself - I knew him when he was a RE Colonel and I can't think of a better man to serve the in-pensioners.