Once a soldier, always a soldier

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Reversionary_Modes, Nov 5, 2012.

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  1. I did do a search before posting, but I would be surprised if somebody hasn't brought this one to ARRSE before, so MODs, please feel free to merge/delete/give flak as appropriate.


    Personally, I'm not convinced. Part of me would like to think it is true, but I've been out a lot longer than I was ever in; although my experience in the military still helps to define much of the way I think and act nearly a quarter of a century after leaving the colours, I am no longer a soldier and do not pretend to be one.

    There we go, that's my penny's worth: anyone else have any views on this?
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  2. I bet you still polish your shoes, get your shirts ironed, curse the civvy ***** for their bad manners and read posts on Arrse and think "Thank **** it wasn't like that in my day". Oh, and still read military chat forums.
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  3. There's far too much of this sentimental twaddle about, it won't be long until someone posts that poem.
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  4. Dr O'dell fell down a well and broke his collar bone, Dr's should tend to the sick and leave the well alone.....!

    CQMs....that OK!
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  5. Ex-Bleep said
    All true, but I can no longer take the view that something is 'close enough for government work', I don't get to grip subordinates when they **** things up (my 'colleagues' really don't seem to understand or appreciate the finer points of a good bollocking) and I have to do sports in my own time.
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  6. I still darn my socks...

    On a Wednesday afternoon, usually.
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  7. What poem is that ?
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  8. right, tongue in cheek then ......

    Yeah, all civvies are bad mannered and ill tempered and lazy and never was a squaddie thus .........

    Thankfully squaddies don't live in the past, go on about how hard they are or how "you should thank your lucky stars you're not in the Army" or define women as either fuckable and a target or unfuckable and ignore them and see violence as the first solution to every problem and have an innate inability to accept criticism or laugh at themselves.

    Tongue out of cheek .......

    Right, got me popcorn and booze, let the fun commence ! :)
  9. Which came first?

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  10. Noooooooooooo please.
  11. Speaking very quietly doesn't the chap in the cartoon have as his shadow that certain long weapon, whereas the old fellow in the photo has the slightly shorter version, y'know SLR Vs SA80. So which is the correct shadow and which one would have the better result in a firefight. Just asking like.
  12. Nope, looks suspiciously like one of the much-revered weapon's predecessors to me.
  13. I would say that the fellow in that toon has a weapon that is a lot older then the SLR
  14. He's holding that rifle wrong...

    Anyhoo. I've been outside in the cold hard world of the commertial sector for a while now but I still get a semi when I see a hot piece of arnour. All oily and noisy, ooo and that smell, burned clutches and hot OMD75.... mmmm ooh...

    Some of these are cobbled from somewhere else but it's still true....
    I still get annoyed when my mates turn up on time and not 5 min early (and 5 more for NCOs)

    I look at a beautiful valley and think.. The infantry would infil from there, the CR2s would sit there, the CVRTs would probe here. That brook would be any obstical but the rock outcrop would silhouette if flanking.

    I look for the civve version of bacon grill in Lidl.

    I morn for orange suitcases.

    I hate straight pull assult rifles.

    My favorite clothes colour is green.

    My best footwear is/was issue.

    And stuff......
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  15. Ah, but you want to, you really want to. Without the Army experience you wouldn't even miss that or know what the finer points of a good bollocking are.