Once a Sapper...Always...

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by 105AVRE, Sep 1, 2008.

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  1. He must be a sapper.

    His wife's a f ucking howler, Jesus she'll scare the hurricane off before it hits land by staring it down..

    Is she the only living example of that age old threat made by all mothers?

    "If you pull that face and the wind changes, you';ll stay like that"
  2. Jesus wept!!! 8O I know Sappers have the rep of shagging just about anything but have a bloody word!!
  3. [​IMG]

    Who is who in this photo?

    She looks like shes already been hit by a falling building, and then ate her way out.
  4. Steady fellas,

    Remember Beauty is only skin deep...

    Or something like that... 8O
  5. A BBQ and a 12 gauge shotgun ... what more do you need?! I bet he's tied everything down in his house with Harry Black and green string with the words "Be reet".

    As for his wife, are you sure the reports of a howler in the area weren't a force 5 hurricane, but his wife?
  6. Probably looking to loose her in the storm!
  7. he tried to look as happy together with his dog/wife/huge unknow mass/FUGLY BITHC so that he can stab her and get the huge amounts of money she MUST have for him to have married it in the first place and blame it on the storm.
  8. .........as soon as the upcoming storm abates I suggest he gets his Arrse down to Specsavers ! What a howler.
  9. Come on guys be nice, surely from the shirt you can see he is Blind. I would have to put the blame on his guide dog for not savaging her... Or maybe she ate the dog and is pretending to be said dog... Come here Candance, good Dog...
  10. Must be a planty!
  11. She's definately from Sunny Chatham Upon Medway............................wait a minute I think I may have done her.
  12. Oh my fcuking lord. I know why he is taking the risk of staying... :D
  13. I was wondering where the scoff monster from Gib had gone... :D
  14. Pity she was born inside out :)