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evening all
sorry if this has been asked before and sounds a bit silly but if someone can only manage the minimum weekends do they still have the same role as someone who can go every weekend


My old Nan always said to never answer a question with a question but I feel the need.

Do you have a helmet and ECBA?

If so then you may be needing it.

Hmm, roles are allocated on ability to do them - part of that is being available when you are needed. However all that anyone needs to do is 27 days a year (14 or 15 of which will be consecutive, on annual camp or course). So all you need to do after that is another 12 days of training, which is actually about 5 weekends, since you nearly always train on a Friday of a weekend too - so 2.5 days a hit. As long as you hit that target then you shouldn't be held back.
One weekend a month is all I do, along with a couple of parade nights thrown in, I'd love to be able to do more but my civvy job has me on nights and one weekend in 5.

What was the question ?
I would say that as long as yout TC is aware of it then it shouldn't be an issue. I can't always make the weekends but my TAC know why and they are sympathetic to it. As long as I show my mush from time to time then they are ok about it. Invest what time you can but obviously the more you invest the more you will get back.

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