Once a Gunner ALWAYS a Gunner

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by wellyhead, Nov 23, 2006.

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  1. In 1981 I first pulled on an Artillery Blue Beret and 9 pdr when I joined my local ACF unit, living not that far away from Woolwich it wasn’t surprising that we were affiliated to the Royal Regiment, and started my life as a Gunner (thats the real Gunners not those Roackape pretenders) and in 1987 I walked through the hallowed gates of Royal Artillery Barracks to start my life as a Regular Soldier. 12 years later I decided to leave the Army and strike out on my own but have always felt a little lost outside the Gunner family.

    On Tuesday night I rejoined that family as I as attested into my Local TA unit and became a Gunner (ironically in role and rank) again

    Just wanted to say it feels good :D :D :D

    PS I have a Battery reunion tomorrow so I better not call the BSM a NIG or I'll be for it :wink:
  2. Wahey welcome! I'm lying low till the lads come back from Afghan before i join the local RA TA!!
  3. I considered joining the TA too. I even went and had a medical.

    I'm still that gunner mad that I am looking at visiting fort Niagara in 2013 (200 years after my old battery helped take the place).

  5. 89 - 92