Once a Gunner ALWAYS a Gunner (v)

Posted this on the Gunner forum but thought I would mention it here

In 1981 I first pulled on an Artillery Blue Beret and 9 pdr when I joined my local ACF unit, living not that far away from Woolwich it wasn’t surprising that we were affiliated to the Royal Regiment, and started my life as a Gunner (thats the real Gunners not those Roackape pretenders) and in 1987 I walked through the hallowed gates of Royal Artillery Barracks to start my life as a Regular Soldier. 12 years later I decided to leave the Army and strike out on my own but have always felt a little lost outside the Gunner family.

On Tuesday night I rejoined that family as I as attested into my Local TA unit and became a Gunner (ironically in role and rank) again

Just wanted to say it feels good :D :D :D

PS I have a Battery reunion tomorrow so I better not call the BSM a NIG or I'll be for it :wink:
About bloody time!!!

You have been dancing around playing 'shall I shant I' for long enough!

Congrates mate!


War Hero
Well done Welly - but I don't quite agree. I started as a Gunner but ended up as a Rifleman (in spirit - not rank :wink: )

I enjoyed life on the guns (apart from taking the bl00dy wheel off of a 105 so you can turn the barrell around!) but life in the infantry for me was the highlight.

Out of interest - is the TA unit's role the same as your old unit? e.g AD, Light Gun, Mortar locating..........
Carlos_Hathcock_II said:
About bloody time!!!

You have been dancing around playing 'shall I shant I' for long enough!

Congrates mate!

Thanks, part of the problem was the first selection and its commitment, its a shame things didn't work out but hey, least I'm in green
You could still have joined and become something other than the obvious. Lots of other roles going, especially for someone of your length of tooth! (ok we are the same age.....)

The door is always open if you change your mind..............


Well done Welly!

Sincerely you've done the right thing, for you, and the army. Pass on that knowledge to the youngsters, they will respect it, even if they think you are a "know-all". :D After all green is surely your best colour!
Yep well Done,, I'm just about to hang up my boots after 20 odd ( very odd sometimes) years. Gawd I'll miss it.


I started in 1982 at bramcote, since then I've been a regular gunner and a regular rock, and i've got to say if I had my time over again i would have gone RAF REG from day one.

Wellyhead, if you thought the RA was the be all and end all then fair enough, but all i would say to anyone is its a big big armed forces, and give something else a go if you get the chance..........

unless of course you enjoy track bashing!!

no offence meant gents, and all the best to gunners everywhere, be they blue or green!!

29 Corunna 83-88
when I was at school the CCF had an RA SSI a very sound bloke I learnt alot fom. This led me into RA(V) and later a UOTC gun troop.

Its years since I left but I still feel an affinity for the guns (even if only by association)


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