On which form do I provide contact details for my referees?

Hi chaps,

Regarding the paperwork sent by the AOSB Briefing Clerk;

To save me from making a hash of one of these forms I've been sent by the AOSB, can someone tell me where exactly I am expected to provide the contact details for my referees? The Referee Consent form does not ask for anything further than a few boxes being ticked and a signature, and the AOSB CV has only a tiny space to write 'Employer's Name and Location' which I take to mean 'Company name, Town, Country' due to lack of space for anything useful.

Or is there a form that comes later on in the process?

There we go, failed the first test of joining as an Officer I'm sure.

You get a form along with the CV you send off. It's called "AOSB Referee Consent Form". Drop them an email if you didn't get it and ask for it if you want - mine was definitely more detailed than ticking a few boxes. What I would do though is send away what you've been given, if they want more they'll ask for more. Your referees aren't contacted until after Briefing anyways so it shouldn't be a big deal.

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