on what grounds might someone fail MOD security check?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rogueunit, Jun 25, 2007.

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  1. (i explained on another thread that i lived in japan and am worried that i won't be vetted because japan doesn't supply information to other countries.)

    i've only heard of people failing for having family members connected with the northern ireland.

    any other reasons known for failing an MOD security check?
  2. For not completing the form in black ink and in block capitals?

    For not signing the back of the photo?

    My ex-boss failed it 6 times.

    Of 10 people in my firm that filled in the form, I was the only one that didn't have to re-submit. It helps to read the instructions before filling the form in.
  3. i remember somebody from work, he had a Irish surname and he did try to apply to join the TA, he got knocked back because one of his distant relative was linked to the IRA.

    something to consider.
  4. probably ticking any of the boxes which ask:
    are you an active member of a terrorist organisation, or involved in sabotage?

    i mean, really. who ticks yes?
  5. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    You might fail it if you were caught selling secrets to other countries..... but you won't admit to that on the form!!!
  6. Yes, and whatever you do don't send the envelope back with wires hanging out of it. That will get you to the top of the pile, but for the wrong reasons.
  7. Changing my name to 'bin Laden' held my vetting up for a bit. Got it sorted out in the end, but I was told I can't apply for fixed-wing pilot training.

    I just liked the sound, OK?
  8. He wouldnt neccessarily have been knocked back for that.

    I've got an Irish surname and I have (now deceased) relatives who were deffo in the 'stickies' in the days before PIRA. However I also have a deceased relative, who was a Sqn Ldr in the RAF, during and quite a bit after WW2. (was involved in Op.Grapple at one stage)

    I must have been cleared 4 times in the last twenty years without the slightest problem. I understand that as long as you havent worked overseas for more than 6 months or served in anyone elses armed forces, the turnaround is about 4 weeks.

    There are loyal Irishmen and disloyal Irishmen in the same family sometimes.
  9. I'm innerested in joining too. I got the shoe from the Taiwanese Defense Forces for drug trafficking and running a hoorhouse. I would like the chance to **** your Army about too. What are my chances?
  10. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Somewhere between "slim" and "fat" :D
  11. For the Army, no. Have you tried the RAF Regiment?

    "Sounds a bit overqualified, Blackadder."
  12. No, seriously though. 8 years Canadian Forces.Royal Canadian Armoured Corps. Voluntary discharge(hnrbl).Left as MCpl.
    I would like to join up. Maybe TA, though, and work in Britain( I'm a carpenter now). What are the chances for someone who served in a Commonwealth army? BTW Minor crim. record (drunken mischief-IE disturbance x 1) since leaving.
  13. Might depend on citizenship and residency status. Certainly, Resident, (right of abode, whatever the Immigration Service call it) I would have thought.

    Pretty sure if you want a commission (even TA List B) you will have to be a full UK citizen and revoke/resign Canadian citizenship and passport.

    Minor crim record should not be a problem. I think everyone gets at least one little nibble of the cherry, and if your mitigation was that you were very, very drunk at the time, they are not going to be too bothered.

    You'd be surprised how many people have got drunk and chinned some fücker once in there distant past and are now in positions of trust in workplaces. that kind of thing doesnt take away anything from your honesty and integrity, but do it repeatedly well into your thirties, and you'd be quite rightly labelled a liability.
  14. Does Sodexho count?
  15. Vetting would take about 3 mths, try it find out !