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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Fozza, Mar 10, 2009.

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  1. hi

    hoping someone can give me a description of what life is like on tour as a sapper. how often are you guys deployed ont he battlefield and what exactly do you do?

    i imagine as a sapper out there at the moment you'd be on your belly clearing mines most of the time? is this the case?

    thanks to everyone who can answer me this, and sorry if its a wah!
  2. It is very rarely that we clear mines as you describe.

    As for frequency of deployments it depends on your unit. As for what we do look at the Andy McNab Tour of Duty sticky at the top of the Sappers forum and you will get a good idea about how fecking awesome we are.
  3. Beautiful poetry, plant_life, shear poetry.
  4. Mmm, plant porn!
  5. Fozza.

    Depending on what unit you go to, most RE Regiments do a number of varied tasks on tour. For example building FOBs and filling Hesco (as above), doing search (looking for IEDs etc) or doing close support for the Infantry. Thats the beauty of being in the Corps, i suggest you go to your local WH Smiths and subscribe to soldier magazine, the RE are always featured.

    If you want action, join the Inf. If you want a job that can move in all different directions, then the Corps is for you.

    Plus chicks dig you... er have i sold it to yer yet!!! :wink:
  6. thanks for that, i'll deff subscribe to that magazine

    just waitng on my medical forms back from the army doctor and then my first interview date. hopefully i'll be in this year!

  7. When you have your interview choose carefully dont let them guide you down the path that they need to fill.
    If your a young lad and you want action then choose an artisan trade (c&j,sparky,plumber etc) or choose planty/driver dont let them tell you res spec or c3s are cool trades and you'll be in the thick of things as on the whole you wont be the young lad who works for me is threaders as he's not left camp (except to go on r&r) and the sigs lads have mostly been in the ops room or the ecm store, they are jobs that need doing just not glamorous.

    As for being on ops you get up do phys have scoff work have scoff work have scoff do phys sleep and repeat for 6 months :D
  8. Try and lose the image of a battlefield too mate, there is no defined lines. The threat is omni directional and can happen any time of day or night.
  9. wise words guru.
  10. well great my gf mentioned to a Bundeswehr type she was on a course with that i am in the process of joining the Royal Engineers.

    he's reply was:"tell him not to, they're the first who kick the bucket"

    so far i've always used the "i'm not joining the infantry now am i!" tactic to console and easy the worry of the sceptics of my little enterprise