On tour present - What would you want?

Have been asked to come up with some suggestions by next weekend so thought you lot could help.

Imagine this - Your mid way through your tour of whichever sandy crappy place your in and you receive a present from your Battalion worth about £100 - What would you like, apart from the obvious - booze, birds, explosives etc.

I was thinking a gift voucher from Amazon but perhaps someone will come up with a better suggestion.
A flight back is less than £100, so I'll have that please.
4 days off. Where I'm moved to the best camp in the area as far as welfare is concerned. Put in a tent where I can't be spammed to work and left alone to mind my own business!
Belt_Twit said:
Sand, a radiator and a mosquito farm.

Alternatively, what about something like a camera/helmet cam? Or just shoite loads of porn and haribo.
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Talking of Haribo:

bag loads of MAOAM's :D :D
either shiny gadget of some sort .or box of luxries sweeties toiltries etc
Even a few bags of haribro would be apprecitaed .

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