On tour or get out policy

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by the_creature, Feb 3, 2011.

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  1. just been told that anyone not volunteering for ops be that recruit or snco will be told to leave. The only people excluded are NRPS. Has anyone else had this crack down. I find it funny watching the old war dodging folk sweat. However I dont know if this is due to the new review, how is one to be promted if he is told to do multiple tours or leave? Moreover if a person is not seen at the unit for 6 days the unit will start the process of discharge of said soldier. I wonder if this is just our unit policy or breaking in new terms early.
  2. Have also seen a new DIN that states TA in a certain trade within the RLC you cannot get your Class 1 unless you have done a tour.
    About time too!
  3. About time. Can you get your unit to do a roadshow informing all the others? I'll even pay their MTDs and T&S.
  4. I think its a good idea. I never knew TA types could dodge tours like that.
  5. Brilliant, about time too - an exodus of the fat and cowardly coming to a Tuesday night pub quiz near you. I can almost smell the B.O and bitterness from here.
  6. What happens to those that want to deploy but cannot at the present time due to other commitments? Are they expected to leave until those circumstances change and then come back just to go on tour?
  7. They could be used as 'enablers'. Apparently that's ancient Greek for 'Shit scared tour dodger'.
  8. FA, Ill contribute to that. Can imagine it now
    Oh but I can't go cos work/wife won't let me drip drip.......i'm an enabler drip drip....... bollocks SNCO with no tours you have no experiance to enable anything apart from apathy and out of date drills. Fook off
  9. Exactly. On that note does anyone know of a paper round going spare as Bravo_Bravo will now be unemployed.
  10. WAH.

    Even the TA CoC have heard of holidays, illness and wives.

    Oh, and "National TA". There'll be none of us left by the next planned evolution ...
  11. I know what the answer to this is going to be but what is to happen to someone like me? I'm not 'enabler' because I've only just started phase 1 and yet I want to deploy. I can't deploy at the moment though because I'm about to read a degree but want to deploy upon completion and yet there is virtually no chance of me being able to take a year out for a tour. Am I to just be thrown out because the TA isn't willing to let me wait 3years?
  12. No. The TA may be closed by the time you are qualified to deploy though.
  13. What about those recently returned from tour? Within the one in three, and therefore unable to deploy.Are they included?
  14. Isn't it one in five? Simple one tour every five years. Suits me
  15. Or like myself have deployed 3 times and have no interest or willingness to depoly again