On This Day In History - 7 Jan 1991

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by yellowduke, Jan 7, 2009.

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  1. A motley bunch of ner do wells arrived at Ashford Train Station to be bussed over to Templer Barracks, where the transformation from soft civvie to steely eyed dealer of death was to take place. At least that's what Les Dawson said.

    Here's to the remaining members of Squad 128, happy 18th! :D
  2. check your PMs old chap :)
  3. And what a fine lot they are today...

  4. Alternatively, you could have been bored stiff, freezing your nads off, sat in some poxy desert, waiting for politicians to stop waffling and let you get on with the business at hand, while wondering why it had to piss down in Saudi THIS year of all years!

    Pah, some anniversary!
  5. Wot he said.
  7. Get some time in boys before you start getting all gooey and whacking each other off :roll:
  8. Im feeling young now.
  9. and I am feeling right old.
  10. Yes remember watching that on telly. If it's any consolation we were to be BCRs if you old buggers got fragged. Imagine our disappointment it was all over before we had learnt how to bull our boots. Ah well.
  11. he also confidently predicted that the Iraqis would trounce us in the ground war, so i wouldn't place too much store in that ;)
  12. It's never over!

    And I am as fragged as they come! (metaphorically speaking natch)....

    ... so if you wouldn't mind getting yourself a rail warrant for "up Naarth" you can replace me this weekend doing the decorating while I slope off to watch Liverpool/Stoke!

    I am certain Mrs B_A wont notice.

    Thank you very much young man!
  13. I'm with Bound Apprentice on this one. "Might get a bit nippy at nights" they said.

    When is the last time you saw a film of the Arabian Desert where it was slashing down like Sennybridge and the temperature hardly broke the freezing mark for days. And it was all filthy and pebbly - no nice clean sand, and big romantic dunes. And then the f***ing scaleys had to stick up "Do not walk on the Grass" signs whenever we stopped moving. (The only bit I had seen on films. A bit of rain - then grass! You will have guessed that it was not nice lush green grass, such as you would wish to feel under the buttocks whicle cavorting with some comely maid on a lovely spring day)

    In March - when Douglas bleeding Hurd visited - the Scaleys actually IRONED the sand around the BFOT with a 6' table. We weren't allowed to walk on it! What was going on!

    Happy Anniversary indeed! My Arse!
  14. I was stuck in a poxy assembly area, waiting for politcians to stop waffling, etc etc.
  15. *grabs a sandbag in preparation for more tales from the old timers*

    Need oil for those lanterns? :D