On this day in 1979

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Aug 27, 2007.

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  1. So long ago, but I remember that weekend vividly.
  2. Me too - RIP.
  3. I was only two at the time but I understand the need to remember.
  4. Not forgotten.
  5. I was on my last summer break as a Civvi that year. seemed like the longest summer ever.
    One of my ex employers was also on the boat with Lord Mountbatten that day and lost his grandfather and brother. On his wedding day both his parents were still in wheelchairs.
    Only cowards attack soft targets.

  6. I remember it as my Dad´s tour of Ireland started the next day.
  7. I was in W Belfast on that day. It was very, very quiet for a couple of nights after these events, almost eerily so, particularly after the rioting etc which had marked the 10th Anniversary of the troops going in, which had passed not long before. I think the populace were wary of reprisals for a while. They soon got over it though.
  8. I was five and cannot recall a personal memory of being aware of it, nevertheless, lest we forget...

  9. I was told by the guy on the desk at Catterick RMP Duty Room, where I had gone to collect a set of keys, and felt shocked at the loss of so many lads from 2 Para and a national icon on the same day.