On this day 1945

22nd Dragoons War Diary
May 4, Bremervorde.
0800.51 (H) Div Op Instr No. 60 received at Tac HQ. This states that Sqns are for the time being to remaining situ, and that in the future they are likely to be released for other tasks in company with their Inf Bns by another Bde.

1000. The Commanding Officer visits Sqns. The fighting has now passed well beyond them both to the North and West and so far there has been no sign of a future task for the Regt.

RHQ move with 51 (H) Duv to Ebersdorf (8749). Tac HQ remain in Hesedorf as before.

1200. A significant detail in the fighting is that according to reports the town of Bederkesa (7359), which is still held by the Germans, is in the process of being surrendered. Its significance lies in the fact that this is the one of the first towns over which any proposal surrenders have been made on our front, and though the Germans appear still to be fighting on doggedly as before, this new development may be symptomatic of a larger trend.

1800. N.T.R.

2100. The staggering news is heard over the BBC wireless that the Germans have surrendered their forces opposite 21 Army Gp. Though it might have been awaited for long, this news came now rather unexpectedly since the Germans had continued fighting long after any hope of success could be entertained.

2300. The night is filled with strange noises, lights and flares. The war is over. Celebrations can be heard and seen everywhere.

From personal Diary of Major H.F. Wheway M.C.
May 4th, 1945.
As per diary.
C.O. arrives and tells us we are to do the attack on Bremerhaven as soon as orders are through. Thank God it did not materialise, because the whole road was mined with 1000lb delayed action bombs.
2000 hrs the great news came through that the war was over. One did not quite know whether to shout, sing, get drunk, set off all the guns or what, but somehow we just felt rather relieved and really after the very grueling time we had had since crossing the Rhine, we were quite happy to just sit down, in fact we were all feeling worn out, as the 51st H.D. were ripping off guns in all directions, we thought it safer to sit down to a quiet game of poker. This we did and played for 2 days.
Elsewhere on the 4th.

The FAA carried out their last attack of the war in Europe and the last attack to occure in Norway against the U-boat base at Kolbotn near Harstad in the North of the country. The depot ship Black Watch, acting as accommodation for U-boat crews was sunk with the loss of hundreds of lives along with the U-711 ironically the skeleton crew of 12 survived her sinking, the 40 other crewmembers had been on Black Watch and perished. Two FAA aircraft were lost along with their crews, a Wildcat and an Avenger, the last two FAA aircraft to be shot down in Europe during the war.

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