On the subject of romance...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by empty_vessel, Aug 2, 2005.

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  1. A hotly(?) debated topic in many areas of the military, I'm sure. Razor or Immac? I'm not gay or ought but which is best for defluffing the, for want of a better word, scrote? Romantic trip coming up you see and what the lady wants, the lady gets.
  2. Your (most) noise coming through loud but not very clear.
  3. Get 'the lady' to do it for you! :lol:

    Seriously though I think there was a thread about this before. Your best bet is depliatory cream or wax (for longer lasting less itchy results!)
  4. rub vim into them and do b*llocky lunges over an upturned bass broom head.

    if using clippers a word of caution ... feeding your hairy brain to them will result in extreme pain and a scrotum that looks like a chick that fell out of a nest and got run over by a car.
  5. Have to stick my ore in here. If you shave & you ever come across a lady that also shaves, you could have a bit of a problem. When you both get a bit stubbley, you kind of stick together like velcro. Amusing, but slightly embarassing.

    Must say though that shaving makes your bits look bigger. Do you need this optical illusion?
  6. of course, every little helps ;)
  7. It's all about impressing the lady so optical illusions are in :D , not sure if I like the sound of this velcro thing though.
  8. take the back mudguard off a mountain bike and go for a ride in the nip ... at a decent speed simply slip back and down, and avoiding the brake caliper let your knobbly off road tyres smooth away those unsightly hairs.
  9. Just go the whole hog, visit some salon and get your back sack and crack done.
  10. Nope, it's definitely going to be a DIY job plus why on God's sweet earth would I want to wax my crack?!
  11. Ah, maybe not, that doesn't sound like fun at all!!!
  12. Ffs, you dont need to go the whole hog and do a Duncan Goodhew, just the thought of a back, sack & crack has made my nads crawl up inside my body cavity.
    Get yourself a beard trimmer from Boots, and have a general tidy up. Do it while your sober and you should be able to avoid lacerating your Belsen purse.
  13. meh its not that bad, my misses works in a salon and one of her mates waxes my bits for free (i do need to optical tricks)
  14. Have used a normal razor (as in mach3) before without any damage, though great gontrol is probably best and no beer. Done in the bath you can't go wrong (well you can, but lets be positive)

    Hope your missus appreciates your efforts.
  15. FF, I'll wax your bits.

    It's quite alot of fun if you can share the adventure.