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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by FredWest, Oct 2, 2012.

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  1. My eldest has just started Cadets and he's in the process of getting kitted out. On the list are boots, obviously, 95 kit, Webtex survival kit, pistol holder (not sure why that's on there)

    The question i have, is there anyone out there who can assist around the WF14 post code, Port or Beer funds will be donated to.
  2. What kit list is this? The only kit you are supposed to be buying for him is boots. Everything else is issued.
  3. Pistol holster ?? Sure he's not Walting it? Should only need boots and some green tshirts
  4. It's Air Cadets, it was the Ex who text me the list. I thought the same, but they've only provided the Barrack Dress!
  5. So he's been issued blue working dress but needs the money for greens. Sort of makes sense, although I'm pretty sure they dont shoot pistols in the space cadets.
  6. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    No cadets are authorised for military pistol shooting.
  7. lots of good sellers on ebay
  8. Air cadets need a set of combat 95's ( smock shirt trousers belt and pair of black boots, webbing and Gucci little items are not required
  9. Will the ATC be getting mtp minime size to fall in line with the ACF when undertaking green activity?
    The nice chaps at Condor, let the cadets fire the Browning pistol and MP5 on a fam visit. Long time ago though.
  10. I just might have to accompany him on Friday, the WO/Civvy in charge is a bit of a Walt. Ball ached him about the bull on his shoes, which were done courtesy of myself.
  11. Ah, if an air bear that explains the uniform. As mentioned above they aren't scaled for combats yet need them for ranges etc. I have no idea why he would need a pistol holster. Even the survival kit is a bit much!
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  12. Most they'll need is a 35l daypack or a full size bergan if doing DofE. For camps a holdall will suffice.

    When I was a young cadet on Merseyside we had stores packed to the rafters with DPM as 95's had just come in and there was plenty of surplus. Im sure the same will now be true for cs95 with MTP coming in. The unit must be either lazy or thick if they cant get hold of kit.
  13. Seriously?

    Cheeky ****! I suggest you attend on friday and fill him in.
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  14. I agree, there should be a huge surplus of buckshee 95 uniform, we are ben issued mtp soon and the sqms doesnt want the dpm back.
  15. Even cadets want to look ally, carrying there 3822 in pistol holster surely is a must!