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Discussion in 'RLC' started by RHODESIAN, Oct 22, 2010.

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  1. Has anybody got an old RCT Stable belt for sale please,about 34 waist

  2. I never realised they made them that small.
  3. Belts or drivers ?
  4. Thats why they are hard to find,I'm doing the Kilomathon in March for the Army Benevolent Fund and want it to hold my breeches up with
  5. Come on Strima not all the RCT troggs were over weight, I was a racing snake with a 30" ish waist and wore size one coverall and combats, No 2 dress made by action man.

    Rhodie send me a PM I have a spare RCT stablebelt.
  6. You drove trains so therefore a plastic wedge and not a true trogg.
  7. Rhodie,

    PM sent.

    Remember; NIL SINE LABORE, or Wait for the Waggon (and get a lift).
  8. Thanks pal,you've done me proud.
  9. Did they ever make trog stable belts that small :)
  10. No problems, glad to help.

    Lead from the front and wear with pride.