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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Dead_man996, Jun 14, 2007.

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  1. Hello fella's,

    I will shortly be posted back to a RA Unit and wondered if anyone had the format for the letters you write back to the Regt...and who you write them to?

    Sorry for sounding like an amateur! :oops:

    Any help greatly appreciated!
  2. In the old days (well... 6 yrs ago), depending on your rank, you would be expected to write a handwritten formal letter to the CO. Basically something to tell them you are coming, what your authority for turning up is and what a great soldier you are and how happy you are to be going there. Not having had the priveledge of serving in the WOs' and Sgts' Mess (I was a rodney) I don't know if they go through the same bollóxs: after all, it is not as though either the CO or you have a choice!

    The letter used to state the following:


    (Your posting order in full caps and underlined)

    1. I have the honour to inform you that in accordance with the above posting order I am to report to your Regiment on such and such a date to take up the position of adjutants spunkbucket.

    2. I have served for yadayada years during which I have been able to hide behind a desk on operation tours in hot and sandy, cold and miserable, even colder but less miserable.

    3. Having served with the Royal Regiment I know what a bunch of throbbers you are and have already completed the PVR documentation. Please have the chief clerk and your adjutant standing by to process it toot sweet.

    I remain,
    Your obedient Servant.

    (signed) poor fúcker off to the drop shorts
  3. Dread beat me to it , but heres one posted by Witchfinder General in the Seniors forum.

    Witchfinder General wrote:

    Normally as a Senior, which I assume you are, letters should be sent to the CO and RSM, but not identical. They should be handwritten.
    Hope this helps you.
  4. Perfect Ammoman!

    Dead_man: send the latter version to the CO and send my version to the Adjt or RSM (depending what rank you hold).

    Jobs a goodun. Aren't you lucky that such a helpful site exists?
  5. :D :D @Dread, Thank you , kind Sir.
  6. Fella's thank you for all your help and assistance it is greatly appreciated!

    Cheers again the dead man....i don't think i'll put in the bit about being the Adjt's spunk bucket!!