On-the-run terrorism suspects to return


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Taken from MOD Oracle:

The Government has started legislative moves to allow some of Northern Ireland's most infamous on-the-run terrorism suspects to return to the province.

Northern Ireland Secretary Peter Hain faced unionist, Conservative, Liberal Democrat, and Nationalist SDLP and cross-community Alliance Party criticism of the move to enable paramilitaries who fled the province during the Troubles to avoid arrest to be freed on licence once their cases are heard by a special tribunal.

Democratic Unionist deputy leader Peter Robinson said the legislation was an abuse of the justice system and an affront to all innocent victims of terrorist violence.

"The Government have treated victims with disdain as they have sought to appease Sinn Fein/IRA," the East Belfast MP said.

"As part of agreements made with the Ulster Unionists and Sinn Fein, victims have had to endure the sight of the gates of the Maze Prison being flung open and terrorist prisoners allowed to walk free without completing their sentences.

"They have also witnessed the ignominy of the destruction of the Royal Ulster Constabulary, the disbandment of the home battalions of the Royal Irish Regiment and the Ulster Defence Regiment at the behest of those very terrorists that they heroically held the line against.

"Now pain is to be heaped upon pain to allow fugitives from justice who have committed some of the most heinous atrocities in our history, to freely return to a life in Northern Ireland that their victims can never have, would be the greatest ever abuse of our legal system."

As if it's not bad enough that TB has basically shut down the military capability in Ulster, he's now allowing people who committed the worst offences to come back to this new 'relaxed' climate?
It's fecking disgusting.
altogether now...

#The loo-natics have taken over the ass-ylum....
If only this were a waaah and when they returned we could try them before a judge and jury and lock them away properly.

However that is only a dream.....
Why is anyone surprised? New Labour and its followers have something in common with Republicans, a hatred of the Queen, the Military, and the English. Never forget NuLab will/is doing everything for its supporters, did you vote for them? No, precisely my point.
avoid arrest to be freed on licence once their cases are heard by a special tribunal.

Are we all clear what this means? To avoid arrest - suggests that that they will be allowed out on some sort of bail until proceedings ready to go ahead is my interpretation. If it meant that proven guilty go free, I would have expected it to read "to avoid imprisonment"
The Times 10 Nov
"Peter Hain, the Northern Ireland Secretary, sought to calm fears in the armed services by assuring that members of the security forces in Northern Ireland arrested for offences dating back before the 1998 Belfast Agreement will have to be treated the same way as the on-the-runs."
Having served over 4 years in the provence i feel this is an outrage not only to every victim, but every everybody who has ever served over there.

its basically saying 'Thanks for the time lads and lasses and all the sacrifices you made, but at the end of the day it was wasted'.

Thanks for a kick in the teeth TB, you CNUT!!

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