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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by polar69, Jul 5, 2006.

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  1. Well the time has finally come for me to find an NHS dentist and have a tooth extracted thats literally been a pain for the last year.

    Theres not an awful lot of it left really, just a few bits of jaggy enamal and a funny soggy bit in the middle. I was going to leave it but I seem to have got an infection in there, possibly from deep throating the in laws dog, who knows.

    I wouldn't mind but 2 years ago I paid to have the bugger filled by some Eastern european type called Dr Pihl, he looked like a cross between Joseph Mengali and Dr Strangelove and his only forte seemed to be giving you just enough novacaine to last the length of the filling, it wore off by the time you were in the car.

    Anyway I digress and besides the two paracetamol have kicked in so I can enjoy my mars bar.

    What the worst experience you have had in the Dentists chair ? Mine was when my jaw locked and the fat hygenist offered to "knock it back in" bet its not the first time she's done that, bloody Hull girls :evil:

    So painful dentist experiences the bloodyer the better
  2. I had a tooth extracted last year. The wench took offence when I suggested she was going to use pliers to pull it out. She virtually straddled me (which was nice) and pulled the tooth. I went back 3 days later to tell her that there was a bit of tooth left in my gum. Expensive x-ray followed by 'No there's nothing in there'. I got home and in front of the mirror with a Maglite and a pair of tweezers I removed the shard of tooth. I could have complained but the straddling made up for it :D
  3. Stupid question here....did it hurt ?
  4. The tooth didn't :D
  5. Was In pain awhile back, one of the rear teeth, Pain was shooting through my gums, through my Jaw, through my skull, it was terrible. Time came too get it checked. After all the piss arsing about in the waiting room, having to endure screaming kids, "Mommy, will it hurt? don't worry i'll get you a twix after, if your a brave boy" :roll: waiting for an x-ray. Sat down in the chair and placed my head into the sort of vice like thing and ching! kodak took, one for the family album. After another wait, It was confirmed that I had an abscess at the root of one of the big teeth at the back.

    Right Mr Voltage, we will need to extract the tooth right away, to combat any further infection, "Yeah great, just pull the thing out" Given an injection, told too wait outside again, "Oh joy, with the screaming kids" after about ten mins, was asked to return and sat back in the chair. I opened my gob and pilers went in "ahh fooking ell love, easy" sorry Mr Voltage, did you feel that? I rolled my eyes up at the sadistic cow, errr yeah. Injection number two, same thing as first one, wait 10 and return. Still no joy, Injection number three, by this time, i didn't care If they pulled every tooth in my grid, I was too away with the fairys to care.

    After all the dicking around, she had to crush the tooth in two parts and drill the centre. After the intensive procedure, I asked if i could keep the painful bugger, she cleaned and bagged the tooth up and gave it too me, asked why I wanted too keep it, as normally people justed wanted rid, I answered her with a numb mouth and a dribble of drool, next time I get a pain like this in my mouth, i'll consider sucking on a twelve gauge.
  6. Polar.... it might be important to you but take your teeth into chat. Pointless post.
  7. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Some little town in Northern India, twinned with the @rse end of nowhere. I crack a big back tooth on a pebble in some dahl.

    Bollocks. So I find a Sikh dentist cos you can generally trust a Sikh. And he sits me down and rubs raw cocaine on my gums. Leaves me for 5 then says “Come through”

    There’s one of them old fashioned belt driven drills. Linked up to a push bike with the wheels off and fixed to the floor. There’s a grinning kid on the bike ready to start peddling.

    In fairness he did a cracking job. Temporary cap made out of God knows what, maybe concrete. Or special mud maybe? Lasted till I got home.
  8. Couple of Christmases ago, I flew out to visit my mother in a far flung sh1tpile of a banana republic of a Latin American country that shall remain nameless. Having had no dramas with my teeth for a couple of years (ex-forces uncle for a dentist so tend to get "right Carpe my lad, just remember pain is in the mind so you don't need much novocaine!"), I was a trifle surprised to find that the alternating pressures of the flights had prompted problems with two of my wisdom teeth. Went for an X-Ray at the local dentist, who sounded worryingly like Manuel from Fawlty Towers, and, sure enough, was informed that I had to have them both out. They then turned round and said that I also had an abcess in another tooth that should be sorted as well. Bloody great Christmas that was. 2 wisdom teeth extracted and a root canal drilled and filled by Pablo Fernandez Wetback and no booze, no solid food, no cigarettes/cigars all through the holiday!
  9. Speaking of pointless posts SE........! :roll:

    Congratulations on your appointment as Arrse Fun Tsar, should we run all our ideas by you first before we post in future?
  10. Came crawling back to sunny Lulworth after two weeks leave, early hours monday morn, thinking few hours kip and down to the troop for 1st parade no big dramas, WRONG!!! Whole Sqn is ironing,polishing, hang on singly full screws bulling their own boots,BULLING BOOTS this is support Sqn FFS! Got gripped, where ya been la,err leaveI can seeyou've missed me, never mind dat,wher's yer 2's? Why??? We're flogging Chally to some rich gollys, RSM's drill parade 0600 down at Bovy for next month every day-bollox!- you ever seen me bulling me own boots la?- Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sh*te.
    Long story short,all the shiny pressed bulled kit (yeah right!) still in the bottom of an MFO box resembling Stig's dump, feck feck feck. Kindly full screw only one thing for it, you're going to dentist first thing say its wisdom teeth. But there's nowt wrong with me teeth! Look la no fecker can prove it,you ain't going on parade like that or you'll be jailed,TRUST ME, then you'll get rest of day off to sort your kit out, cheers ace, what a nice man,a very nice man. Stuck me in my combats for SSM's 0500 parade and gave him some patter, before rest of Sqn were bussed off on the Auschwitz special to play on RSM's parade. Got me excused, well chuffed, bimbled down the Med Centre at a reasonably civilised hour with the other spacks- well I was just a pretend spack that day- and queued up, got the 3rd degree off the hermer on the desk and took the obligatory seat.
    About twenty minutes later I was introduced to an incredibly rare creature of whom no doubt legends exist-Nessie, UFO's, RADC full Colonels. Well the latter do exist. Oh yes. He looks a soft touch I thought, white haired, kindly Uncle look about him, give him a bit of patter, just back off leave, know how it is , bit of a twinge at the back, might be my wisdom teeth, .......
    He has a bit of a prod around, open wide, mirror on a stick job
    "Well they're coming out" says he.
    WHAT !!
    "They've got to come out son.
    "You sure Sir"?
    " You're 1st Tank's right ?"
    With a rapidly sinking feeling "Yessir"
    "Rest of your lads looked quite good on the square as I walked past"
    Thinks -they been there for two hours. My kit was minging. I'd have been in jail for 1 hour and 59 minutes, including the walk. There is nothing wrong with my teeth. There are a lot of things wrong with the jail.
    " So son, who do you want to be drilled by?"
    One of those decisions isn't it ..hum haw...one one hand,well on t'other.......

    Didn't take long, and with a cheery "Don't worry son, you'll only feel a small prick......................" battle commenced.
    On the good side, he only took one tooth out.
    On the whatever side, the memories of being straddled by a Colonel pulling one way whilst the hermer from the desk held me back from behind will never leave me...............................................................

    I'd go for some compo but probably couldn't chew it :oops:
  11. having a couple of fillings before the anaesthetic kicked in, then chewing half my bottom lip off afterwards when it did.
  12. Few years ago I cracked a molar, left it for a few weeks until I could find time to go to the dentist. I rocked up hoping it could be glued together or something else daft. "Oh, right thats going to have to come out", fair do's. "Right i can do this myself or you can go to the Hospital but it may take a while to get you booked in". So he gets to it, in total it took 1hr and 40mins. I had the nurse holding my head, the dentist on my chest literally wrenching the tooth out. About 25minutes into the horror he pipes up "I should have sent you to hospital but it's to late now" 8O. Anyway he was wrenching and twisting, i have never, ever been in so much pain. He then has the bright idea of drilling through my tooth to sperate it into two - so hes only pulling one root at a time. Anyways, 9 needles and a long time later it's all over. I bled for days and now cant close my mouth properly as the top and bottom no longer meet!
  13. Thats a great excuse for that open mouthed coppers gape. Whats the excuse for the rest of the force?
  14. Last week I had my jaw grinded smooth where my wisdom teeth used to be, he said "PRaise your hand if you feel anything". He then put his drill to work, and for some reason when my head started vibrating I got a bit panicky, put my hand up when the sweat started to run cold, and the next thing I remember I woke up being supported by four of the nurses. Embarrassingly enough they were all fit as absolute F*U*C*K. Worth it for the consequent time off though.
  15. Last week I had my jaw grinded smooth where my wisdom teeth used to be, he said "Raise your hand if you feel anything". He then put his drill to work, and for some reason when my head started vibrating I got a bit panicky, put my hand up when the sweat started to run cold, and the next thing I remember I woke up being supported by four of the nurses. Embarrassingly enough they were all fit as absolute F*U*C*K. My missus came to pick me up and the smarmy dentist said "Your husband has a strong head, but a weak heart". Christ, I wanted to smack his face up, smarmy sh1t. Worth it for the consequent time off though.