"On the Political Impasse in Afghanistan"

Indeed, and since I was a babe we've been sending billions to other parts of the world, and for what? Wells in mud hut villages? Based on that experience, sending in aid in this case is unlikely to achieve anything lasting and produce little benefit to those in need, especially as it is extremely unlikely the Taliban will allow it to be handled by anyone from the west, unless an NGO playing to their rules. We shouldn't judge life there based on our values otherwise this wouldn't be happening.

E.t.a. What of permanence did 'Feed the World' achieve?
It established the principle that 'caring can be disassociated with responsibility'..... To explain myself, go back and watch Groundhog Day with Bill Murray and the tramp scenes where he keeps dying. Simply doling out money or a meal, may well make you feel better but in truth you simply want the problem to go away !

That missing responsibility wasn't filled by volunteers, or people genuinely committed to those places and commitment includes picking up a weapon and overthrowing the useless leadership. No, what you got was rather the Charity Industry gradually shifting from Amateur Hour, to professionally organized and that attracted more of the middle class in search of interesting jobs and an income, so responsibility became just another globalist racketeering operation which milked the west, fed and sheltered the unfortunates and made a minority of people quite wealthy.

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