On the eve of Independence, a message from John Cleese

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by ArmyYid, Jul 3, 2007.

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  1. Dear All,

    Firstly this is very good and well have been posted elsewhere for which I aplogise.

    Secondly having now lived in the US for a year, my attitude is very pro-US, whislt still retaining that air of British aloofnees which my US colleagues expect from me.

    As my boss said '4th Jul is not about beating the Brits and more about the birth of the nation'

    Fair enough say I and as it gets me the day off, I'm not complaining either.

  2. Many thanks for the link.

    Much appreciated on a dull and dreary afternoon :D :)
  3. Excellent :D
  4. ive just run off a copy for an american friend...should make his day tomorrow when i give it to him....
  5. At last the truth will out. I trust our colonial cousins have read this and are acting on it as we prepare to recover our territories.
    Please may we also through into a harbour the terrible stuff they claim is coffee as they did to our tea.
  6. he might point out that the "world series" is called that because it was the name of the newspaper that sponsored the original games between National and American Baseball leagues. I know thats what happened to me when I showed it to an American friend (no sense of humour some people)
  7. LOL! The reply by Tim Frazier was priceless! :D
  8. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    Except that that's a bit of a myth. The New York World never sponsored it. It was originally known as the World's Champions Series to reflect the fact that it was pretty much the pinnacle of baseball.

    Edit to add: Getting slow wellyhead :D
  9. Nope its becuse they really think the world plays it, the paper story is urban legend

    World Series legend
  10. Good I can tell him to bugger off then!
  11. Jimbo

    Please do. I regularly remind my US co-workers that we actually play other nations at sport which is why it can be so depressing.

    They are gradually getting used to my swearing as I have the mighty Spurs on live update from the BBC during the Premiership season

  12. Slow !!!!!!! I went and found referance material and addded it to my post to back up my claim, slow I give you hurumph

    plus I got 9.22 on my PFT, at my age an all hurmuph again :x
  13. Pedantry aside, it is still funny
  14. It's also ancient.