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On the cusp of durable success in Helmand

"Recently returned from Helmand, Brigadier Patrick Sanders says the years of effort and sacrifice are producing results."

That will be the bloody great holes all over the place.


Book Reviewer
From the above, I take it that we're not all convinced that the sacrifice of blood and treasure was worth it for a bunch of opium producing, goat molesting, child abusing. illiterate, innumerate, god-bothering ne'er do wells?

I just like to be clear on things.

PS can someone copy in the CGS?


Book Reviewer
I don't fancy the Syrian's chances if Poppy starts shouting at them.

N.B. the only weapon that she will have at her disposal will be a strongly worded letter signed by yer man Hague.


Truth is the first casualty of war.............................................................
But it's not though is it? It's usually the sentry pacing up and down in the snow outside his stripy painted sentry box who get's it first.

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