On the bus....OFF the bus !!

Dont you just love it when the Corps try and put a plan into action and as always mess it up  ;D
nothing worse than packing all your kit, tanning lotion, bucket & spade then get told your not playing any more, it seems to happen all the time, more so when you spend years and years exercising out in the field trying to work with the staff and putting a Div main or Bde main together or a step up and as soon as any OP is called in any part of the world it never gets used, all the staff bugger off and we end up either sitting static or not even deploying as a main or step up  :mad:
The Corps is certainly strange  ::)

ar**e certainly comes to mind   ;)
Well Bencher I can totally relate to that.  Its that all too familliar Knee-jerk reaction which spawns endless contingency plans for too many unimplied tasks.  Most of which unfortunately if not predictably get cancelled leaving us chasing those ever moving goal posts.  Wouldn't it be nice to have a defined role in peace time training that relates to reality?

Saying that - a big good luck to all those troops in the process of deploying. Lets hope it goes well for them and they come home in one piece (with a tan and pockets full of fake Rolex watches)
ECHO that, good luck to all those who do end up on the BUS. Keep it clean and your www.ARRSE.co.uk down.
Check posting date and all I can say is, Here we go again.

See ya there. :idea:
Did the on/off bus routine earlier this year.

How many 16 Sigs are going thro the same routine now?

For those that get on the bus, I'll see you soon :lol:


I have got off the bus, I am trying to get back on. I know it sounds sick but the conductor at MCM Div keeps telling me to bugger off. My turn please, I have a ticket, I may be in a singleton post but I want back on!!
Apparantly there's already too many on the bus anyway.
The return journey may be quicker than some people expect.

Just time for some to pick up a medal eh! :D

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