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Plant-Pilot said:
Recce19 said:
It seems he' sjust as stupid a Blair :evil:
You sound surprised :?
Just returned from our fourth trip to fantastic little place called El Gouna on the Red Sea in Egypt. Whilst having a haircut and a full cut-throat shave by a very charming chap (wife had gone shopping for scarfs, I ask you) we got into a detailed chap about world politics and such. Because i had spoken a little Egyptian arabic to him on arrival he asked me what I thought of my countries world stance. After a long and varied chit-chat and mutiple glasses of mint tea his last words chilled me to the bone. If Brown stands / is led by the bollocks into a war with Iran, he doubted that British tourists would be as welcome in Egypt as they are now. This is not a reason for not going to war with Iran. It is a reason to stop siding with US politics. :cry:
Wont Rule Out Brit Role in Iran'. What effing role? Military ? If so, with what ? If this Victor Meldrew without the charm of a prime minister is seriously thinking of any sort of foolish adventure into or over Iran, then I believe it is either revolution or assassination time!

The 'Bottler' is a third rate twerp and I cannot for the life of me understand what we have done to deserve such a numpty !
Silent_Scope said:
During the rememberence day ceremony today in a town that will remain nameless:

"...not only then but now, in such conflicts as Iran, Iraq and Afganistan."

The secrets out.
Frueadian Slip? 8O

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