on scrounge for adjustable set square...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ExPadBrat, Sep 19, 2010.

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  1. I'm doing a course, and need one of these for one project. As this is my penultimate project, I'm not looking to waste the best part of 20 quid I haven't got in the first place!

    I need to beg, borrow or steal one in the next couple of days, if anyone knows of a cheap one or can even lend me one I'd be grateful.

    Have tried Freecycle and Ebay and not had any joy so I need Arrse to come up trumps!

    Pretty please....
  2. £20? just buy one ya tight git!

    you could always flog it on ebay afterwards

    you say you havent got the cash, but i bet youve had a take out and a few bevvies in the past week!
  3. So I can use ARSSE as a Search Engine, Goody, much more fun than Google.

    I am looking for two tyres for a Vectra, only need them for a short MOT can anyone give, lend or otherwise provide them by Thursday.

    Have tried the local tip but, no joy.
  4. Lazy Twat? Anyway back to the search engine format, ASK ARSSE

    Looking for a sandwich supplier in Liverpool who can supply about 100 varied sandwiches daily Mon - Friday must be an STS audited supplier?

    PS who are all these limp wristed suits wandering round Liverpool at the moment?
  5. Will you require Kosher and vegetarian alternatives?
  6. Actually, I can't afford to spend £20 on something that will sell for significantly less than that because I need to use it ONCE. No I haven't had a take out, not had one since my birthday which I bought with birthday money, the bevvies I have had are ones that were given as gifts for my birthday.

    I have, however, had a letter saying my gas bill has gone up to £88 a month, a sizeable chunk of my £576.34 gross monthly wages. And I spent a few quid posting off a garden brolly that I auctioned for Hols4H. That's why I'm reluctant to spend money on this.

  7. The T + C's have a minimum order of £20 on that first site link, but thanks for making the effort. Quite a few that I've looked at via Google have said much the same sort of thing. Which is why I asked on here, I thought maybe someone else might know of one I'd not caught sight of despite hours on Google.

    As for ebay, now why didn't I think of bidding on several of them for the last few weeks and being outbid at the last minute? Wow, wish I could think like that... That second one isn't in my watch list at all...
  8. completely off topic but.............
    that sounds a ridiculously large amount Brat - have you tried phoning the gas board to query it? Do you send a meter reading every month on line? well worth looking into as they sometimes put the amount up due to estimated readings or somesuch excuse
    good luck
  9. Poppy, they've been in regularly to take readings and have still managed to do it on an estimation for about 2 years! Now have a £500 bill to clear before I can swap to another provider. Shit happens, just think someone else should take a turn :p