On Radio 5 now - Debate on the poppy apeal

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by drain_sniffer, Oct 24, 2007.

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  1. Some knob head is arguing against using poppies because of the political situation (Iraq/Afghan etc)
  2. I cant listen to radio at work, is he making any rational points?
  3. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Do you know I haven't seen one poppy seller this year, not one.
  4. He is saying that because he comes from a family of conscientious objectors he doesnt want to wear one, and is saying that a lot of people will not wear a poppy because they are opposed to Iraq. Apparantly John Snow refused to wear one last year. He does say that he does remember but in his own way, and that the poppy appeal "glorifies" war

    To be fair, a lot of the callers are opposed to his views
  5. What's the freq? I'm listening to Edith Bowman :p
  6. Well he doesn't have to buy one!

    I wonder if his conscience will object if I pop round his house and lag through his letterbox?
  7. MW 693 or 909
  8. Thats because they wont start selling until the end of the month.
  9. How can I get involved in "selling" poppies? Does anyone have any idea?
  10. 909 mw - they are mixing it with other articles
  11. Contact you local Royal British Legion branch. They will put you in contact with the local co-ordinator.
  12. So he doesn't want to wear one? All right, own up, which one of you is trying to force him? You evil, twisted servicepeople, you. Ought to be ashamed of yourselves you should, deciding to invade countries over the heads of elected representatives of the nation like that.

    Strikes me he's as guilty of trying to force his views on others as the people he's condemning. Has it never occurred to him to find out where the proceeds of poppy sales go? Or that, for that matter, that some people might actually want to glorify war? As is their right in a free and democratic society?
  13. Lots of banks in the south have started to sell them. Got mine from RBS in Guildford.
  14. 'Apparantly John Snow refused to wear one last year.' I know that everyone is entitled to a view, that is democracy, but I find it a little ironic that someone who make his wedge as a journalist- entirely dependant of the freedom of speech- should take this view.

    I also have yet to see anyone or any shop selling poppies.
  15. Not on FM? I can only get FM on my phone, one should always wear a poppy for remembrance imho. It reflects respect for those who've given their life for the country, it's not a political statement!