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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Spanish_Dave, Oct 28, 2008.

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  1. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    How much/what did you steal/see
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I got uber keen and went on the roof of a fortress and through a gate . . . . only to find lots of radiation signs around some heavy signalling kit. So, might have got meself a shorter lifespan. Curiosity killed the cat and all that.
  3. Goojerat Bks late 70's was on guard commander when one of the guard reported back door to NAAFI wide open. Went with him to investigate and found manager's office wide open with safe open and takings for night on desk, takings for rest of week in safe. Went up to manager's flat and hammered on the door 'til he opened it. Apparently his girlfriend had started getting frisky and he handed over command to his prick.
    I could have got away with a fortune but my first instinct was to honesty.
  4. Mate of mine in recruit troop let down tyres on troop poofter's car (troop poofter was on hold awaiting back squadding due to being a spaz), troop poofter spotted him doing it and grassed him up in the morning, only problem the only place he copuld have seen my mate doing it from was from fat Naafi poofter's accommodation. My mate beasting and extras, poofter discretely discharged unfit. Naafi poofter, I think may have got an award for improving morale above and beyond (and inside) possibly.
  5. Went into the NAAFI in Browning bks and beat the shit out of the vending machines with our pick helves. Not so much as a fucking crunchie :x
  6. Garelochhead TC, in a fit of sprog-like initiative two of us ripped the radio mounting and leads out of a parked-up FFR belonging to another unit because our OCs wagon fit had gone u/s. How were we to know they were all serial numbered?

    Luckily the CQ covered for us by saying he'd told us to take the unguarded items into safe storage overnight. Cheers, Jake.
  7. Broke into the gym at JLR and spent all of my stag on the trampoline. :wink:
  8. Where do I begin-

    Cambrai barracks prowler - broke into a hangar (well the door was open) in trades sqn and helped myself to some boxes of biscuits, mars bars and cans of coke

    Another incident when I assisted with an attempted break in of the QM's, failed though as the ROSM sussed us

    Found that one of my oppos keys fitted the NAAFI pie machine, so on every prowler we would climb in the window and empty the cash box from the machine, along with a few mars bars

    Finall, on my gunner mech course in Hohne, broke into the NAAFI after a night on the lash and managed to set it on fire after leaving some cartons of milk in a microwave, which was built into the wood furnishings.

    Happy days
  9. Found out that the emergency fire escape key was also the key to the stores.

    Managed to find a box full of old school luminous trops which was quickly proffed.
  10. F*cking must have been.....Torchy.
  11. Glamorgan Bks 80's.

    NAAFI and Cpl's mess kept getting done so 2 of the guard and canteen cowboy where locked in after closing time. When you where locked into the Cpl's mess you could put your hand through the gap in the shutters and pour yourself a drink from a glass that you always made sure was left out.