On premises weapons to defend UK embassies

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Maalox, Sep 14, 2012.

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  1. Many US embassies have a contingent of Marines legally resident to defend it as US territory, with M16s, Berettas and Colts.

    Israeli embassies are known to carry portable missile launchers and grenades.

    Is there any UK embassy anywhere in the world that has on the premises even one SA80, let alone a .303 or a Webley revolver?!
  2. What for? Everyone knows that all you need is a swagger stick and the right attitude to cow a crowd of unruly dammed natives man.
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  3. Not to mention the sheer terror that the British might unleash their powerful Navy..........oh, wait a minute. This is 1876 we're talking about?
  4. I have it on good authority that many embassies have a Bedford RL in the compound with the engine always running.
  5. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Where do you think all the SLRs went?
  6. Bacon Claymores.
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  7. Is this a suitable topic for public discussion?
  8. I doubt you average armed mob consults the pages of Arrse before launching an attack with AK's and RPG's
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  9. British officers used to have a revolver to top themselves with when the natives arrived


    What is a British ambassador going to do when the Muslim hordes burst in...and remember that the US ambassador to Libya was raped before they decapitated him!
  10. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    You've failed to mention the obligatory bottle of whisky.

    You may have invented the rest.
  11. Really infidel swine? Now we know just how poorly defended your consular facilities are we will swoop on them tonight. Or tomorrow. Soon anyway.

    Until this thread we assumed your lovely, well mannered old chaps were protected by your famed RAF Regt and other special forces. Our cunning in using Maalox to draw you out shows just how clever we are. We wil be using him to determine where bears defecate and exactly who is responsible for teaching baby pigeons to fly - his cover remains safe!

    Now if you will excuse me, I have to go and get REALLY angry about something I have not seen but that someone from a place I have never been says is a bit naughty. Not cutting heads off defenceless hostages naughty or using kids as bombs naughty, but apparently a bit naughty none the less.
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  12. Frankly, as far as I can tell, that's utter cobblers. Everything that I've seen, including the picture that's on the other thread somewhere, suggest that he died from smoke inhalation or breathing in superheated air, still murder, but not in the mob killing someone in the manner in which Gaddafi died way. The pic shows him fully clothed and being carried by Libyans to receive treatment. His head is still attached and his trousers are most definitely on

    Haven't seen anything anywhere yet, including from the doctor who worked on him for 90 mins in resus in the hospital to say that he was sodomised. It's difficult to resus someone with no head.

    Methinks some rabble rousing going on as the only source is unconfirmed and Libyan.
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  13. Bagpipes and V -bombers used to be the preferred method.

    See Major Rory Walker, dealing with rampaging Indonesian mob, September 1963. He marched up and down playing the pipes refusing to listen to pleas from both the police and the leader of the attacking mob that he should stop.

    The mob was so discomfited they went home to regroup, returning to burn the embassy down a couple of days later.

    Walker, Lt Col Bill Becke and the ambassador (Sir Andrew Gilchrist, late of SOE) mounted a token defence of the strong room (the mob being impressed by the fact that Gilchrist could take a stone to the head without flinching) before the Indonesian police made a successful rescue effort (one is tempted to suggest that they removed Walker, Becke and Gilchrist to protect the mob...)

    The V-bombers bit comes in the very short, one sided chat the Indo ambassador had with the Foreign Sec of the day, which appears to have inspired a brown trouser moment in Jakarta given the wording of the statement condemning the attack that the Indonesian government swiftly put out...
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  14. There's a video on Liveleak showing his body in the local morgue.

    His head appears firmly attached to his shoulders and unfortunately the footage did not include a shot of his anus therefore I cannot prove / disprove the "rape" allegation.
  15. I remember a rack of very large sledge hammers and levers for the equipment and some high energy

    'things' for the books.

    Then there was Ron, who had a mouth organ in his briefcase he knew how to play 'There Is A Happy Land'! :

    Happy Land - Sung by Kevin Blair - YouTube