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Hello again pals ;)

Now then, what confuses me this time, is exactly what is the way things work with the RE on operations? For example, are you on a camp and then when the time calls on it you construct this, or tradesman [x] is needed to rig up an electrical supply on building [y]?

It's just one of those things I need to know to help me understand what I could possibly be letting myself in for :p I'm not referring to any trade in particular, just generally in the bigger picture so to speak :oops:


Versatility is the key, so the answer is yes..... and no.
no hard and fast rule.

just play the hand that you are dealt.

There are some situations that you can plan for and others that you react to.

If you're based in a camp, you could be working out of it. But there may not be a camp. Or you may not be based in one.

A lot depends on your trade.

So, the answers aren't intentionally evasive.
Read the RE web site and job desc they pretty much say it all no matter what you are deployed to do it will change (as well as the usual untasked home building/bars/gyms etc you do for your selves)
Loadsa medals tho the colours a bit dim and disnea run wi thi bridges ower the rivers o blood :?
Why don't you change your username on here also as people see your name and automatically assume you ARE the Corps! until that is they read some of your questions and realise you haven't even joined up yet...

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