On now.Prince Harry in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by spike7451, Mar 2, 2008.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    BBC-1 1300 hrs
    Change to normal listing;
    1 hr BBC news special talks to Harry.
  2. On at 1325hrs on BBC1 Scotland.
  3. Am watching it now... respect to the lad.
  4. Do we have a new forces friend and voice for the armed forces in Harry and Charles????? he seemed a really down to earth sort of bloke. so here's a possible list of supporters

    Prince Charles
    Prince Harry
    Jeremy Clarkeson
    Ross Kemp
    Liam Fox
    Patrick Mercer
    Lady Thatcher

    Any others I have missed??????

  5. Well said that man,

    Nice to know that the royal family are human beings and not just pompous prudes,

    Hope to see you out on Ops again, your brother too.
  6. Hey Dunc you missed out Jim Davidson in the supporters list.
  7. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Nice to see he takes the urine out of himself being a ginger.He came across as down to earth.
  8. Quite a few, and I'm pleased to see Help for Heroes, has many high profile Patrons, Jezza, as you've mentioned, James, Blunt, Ian Duncan Smith, and many many more.

    Also am very proud that the lads and lasses on ops have earned the respect and attention they deserve.

    (Edited for Hamfisted Hamfistedness)
  9. Richard Benyon MP
    Viscount Brookeborough
  10. Was the programme any good? At work, and so missed it.
  11. It was, gave a good account of Harry as a person rather than a media target. In essence it was a collection of all the TV snippets that have been on the last couple of days thrown together, although there was a brief interview with him upon his return to the UK. Charles was also interviewed, and gave a quite open account of his experiences of having his child serving overseas. All in, a good show of the guy.
  12. Thanks. Hopefully it will be repeated on a time and day I can watch.
  13. Thought it was very good, liked the emphasis the ginger Prince placed on the fact that the real heroes on the plane were the wounded guys and the bit about the bloke who had shrapnel in his neck and was choking on blood making his mate keep the shrapnel for a souvenir! Good skills all round.
  14. he came across brilliantly and is a credit both to himself, his family, the army and forces as a whole and to the country. top marks.
  15. BBC i player should have it