On Not Believing In Canada

On Crooked Timber The Christmas Sermon 2012 – “On Not Believing In Canada”
As far as I can tell, the concept of “Canada” dates back to the early 1950s. A confident new postwar generation of Americans were beginning to enjoy the privileges of mass market air travel. However, to their dismay, some of them began to discover that they weren’t universally welcome in the damaged postwar states of Europe, particularly in the more bohemian quarters where socialism was beginning to take hold. The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth had just happened, pushing the British Crown into the public eye, and so a sort of urban myth was constructed about a part of America that was also ruled part of the Commonwealth.

Over time, all sorts of supporting myths and rationalizations grew up to support the “Canadian” faith. Apparently they fought a war against America in 1812, although not one with any noticeable or measurable political consequences. They don’t have a football team because they play “hockey on ice” (really!), a sport at which they are world champions (naturally, because it is a fictitious sport). They have all the nice characteristics of America, but have a healthcare system rather suspiciously similar to the British one, and so forth, and so on.

As anyone can see, this isn’t a country – it’s far too perfect to be convincing. It’s a fantasy roleplaying character invented by a kid who goes to mock United Nations camps instead of playing Dungeons & Dragons. Occasionally this is recognized in little cultural hints – a “girlfriend in Canada” is American slang for “an imaginary girlfriend”. But in general, people humour them – these days, if you want to make it in Hollywood, you’ve got to be either a Canadian or a Scientologist. Then the concept was discovered by that sizeable contingent of French people who always want to pretend to be Americans, and the Canadian faith had to pick up yet another massive and glaring inconsistency in the shape of a massive linguistic minority who lived in a state of peace and friendship with the rest of the country. Do I have to mention that they struck oil and invented the Blackberry?
The Mounties were always the give away.
If Canada as an independent entity didn't exist I suppose it would end up as part of America. That would make all states within American by default, including Alberta. In a nutshell, Medicine Hat would end up being American, and that's rather tragic.
Well, if Canada is a myth, how do you explain these things I've seen? :?

great-white-north1.jpg Ice Road Truckers.jpg
Isnt Ice Road Truckers American and set in Alaska ? Don't bother Alaska myself , tch boom .
No not all of it. Part of the series depicts the trials and travails of a jolly band of truckers who move supplies from Alberta. & Saskatchewan into the wilds of wolf-infested Northern Territories. EEEeek! Bears! :omg: :omfg:



They're not even a real country anyway.
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