On my Way to Fallingbostel...

...and have been allocated a flat on Princess Steet. Anyone living there like to give me any info on size, location etc? I'd also like to know if I can get Broadband internet in these flats (I need my porn don't ya know!). If anyone would be willing to provide photos of the flat(s) I'd be very grateful. Please contact me at barra@tesco.net.
As always, thank you very much.
Princes Street is limited to DSL in some blocks. I lived on there near the School only two lines available in that block the rest were dial up. Fally was great the two and a half years we were there. Only thing spoiled it was the Senior Management of the L.A.D. Enough said....
2 bn have a great museum though..pricess street .through gates first turning on your right.every thing within walking dist,naafi,work,pub.
I was in a block at the junction of Princes and the road leading to the YMCA (news papers and growlers)

The flats are massive inside, if yours is left or right regardless of floor, as you walk in, then the halls are great for putting practice although a rather tricky break to the left.

The flats directly at the top of the stairs are the length of the block although thrown together and feels dis-jointed.

My opinion the other 2 are better as the face the road and have better sun light the flat at the rear of the block can be dark and dingy.

Hairy Pig next door and NAAFI 5 mins walk.

Not a bad place although need a car otherwise your fukced.

Cant tell you about broad band as i was there 92 - 94 before WWW became such a big thing.

i live on camp and got DSL broad band unlimited fee per month but had to wait 2 months and 1 month for phone. go to hive or the punter in scots dg welfare centre they can advise and help set up. my advice is apply for phone soonest, otherwise wife on back for too long. mine is buried under patio.
i find camp better than town but that is my choice, others will prefer town

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