On Losing Colleagues.....2 Para Interview

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jack-daniels, Sep 22, 2008.

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  1. good coverage of a hard subject. My thoughts as always are with the guys and girls still out for what its worth.
  2. Well done the BBC for showing such a hard subject to children.
  3. How can the same company be responsible for a decent bit of programming like that and on the other hand produce the arrse that is the 'undercover soldier' program mentioned on another thread?
  4. It´s called balanced reporting.
  5. One is solid and professional journalism reporting the real stories and news in context and in the public interest, the other was someone's personal agenda.

    The report on newbeat i do hope is widely watched and taken on board by the public.
  6. seconded.
  7. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    If the BBC were really interested in improving troop morale they would have told their reporter, Tulip (FFS!), that liberal offers of BJ's are generally popular.
    Better still, they could have sent someone fitter to do the interviews.

    Even when the BBC apparently try and act constructively, I am suspicious and cynical for some strange reason.....
  8. My thanks to Halo for pointing out that it was Newsbeat and not Newsround which did the report.

    I think I am now Duty Mong.
  9. It was a good segment-I liked the bit where one of the lads was describing his mate-"We used to go out on the p (pause) Town" humour in adversity. Tough lot the PARAs.
  10. Tulip!!! Get someone fitter,rather than a mixed heritage person to do the interview.
  11. My thoughts are for the very brave military personnel out there also
  12. What difference does it make if the interviewer is of 'mixed heritage' or not? I take it that by objecting to her you also object to the blokes of 'mixed heritage' currently serving in 2 and 3 PARA in AFG and throughout the rest of the Armed Forces? Please could you clarify this?
  13. Their hagiographic piece on the Maze escapees ("Breakout", which may only have been shown on BBC2 NI) tips the balance more than a little. I've rarely been so offended by the BBC, but tonight I wrote a snotgram in blood to them.
  14. My remark was a reaction to the ever PC Beeb.The woman has neither expereience or gravitas to conduct a serious interview on this subject IMHO.The woman-Tulip-was chosen by her employes-Beeb-for the task,purely on a PC basis.

    I have no objection to any person serving in The Military.Race does not come into it.If martians can do P coy and jumps,then they qualify to serve.My son-who is not a martian-is in 3 Para!