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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by phil37, Dec 8, 2009.

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  1. Having waited 4 weeks for a laptop to arrive (UK to Germany through BFPO) from a well known on-line shop, I contacted the supplier. As they couldn't trace the package (recorded delivery), I was sent a replacement. However, 2 computers have just arrived at my BFPO address.

    Do I have a legal obligation to return one of them to the supplier as I was considering donating one to a good cause?
  2. No, send it to me!
  3. Unfortuantly you are commiting theft if you keep the first laptop.

    Sec 1(1) Theft Act 1968

    A person is guilty of theft if he dishonestly approprates property belonging to another with the intention of permantly depriving them of it.

    Thief and Steal should be construed accordanly.

    By going into the various sub sections 2-6 which i'm not going to do, you have indeed commited theft.

    However, you'll probably get away with it!
  4. Integrity. Contact the supplier and explain. There's a good chance (depending on value) that they'll tell you to keep it, then you can do with it what you want with a clear conscience.
  5. Also remember that all ( all the mail I see anyway) from BFPO has its own tracking or bar code stamp on it. If it was bar coded at any time then there is a postal trail for someone to follow.

    Maybe a Post op /courier can confirm?
  6. This will never happen. Chances are, they've claimed off the insurance already and will be more than happy to accept my gift of returning the laptop.
  7. It's not a gift, it's their property. The hassle of getting it back may lead them to decide to let you keep it, this happens all the time. But if they can find it if it ever goes online, you're potentially causing a whole heap of trouble.
  8. If both were sent recorded to your address and you have had to sign for both, I'd wager that you are supposed to return one. Like vamp said, if nothing else it is there property- They sent a second out of goodwill, at (presumably) no charge to yourself. It is worth at least emailing the customer service department and asking them, before they start getting in touch with you.