On line searching of computers by the police

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Drlligaf, Nov 13, 2008.

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  1. A law just passed by the German Parliament yesterday will allow the Bundeskriminalamt (BKA) to carry out on line searches of computers under certain circumstances. Question is how would anyone search a computer remotely, when that computer is guarded by a good firewall and anti-virus software?
  2. Worried? :wink:
  3. I doesn't matter how good you're security is it can only delay a determined attacker. you just have to hope you're security is good enough to delay an attacker enough so he gets bored and tomeone else
  4. Question is how would anyone search a computer remotely, when that computer is guarded by a good firewall and anti-virus software?

    Don't be so naive.
  5. Ther is no such thing as security in comps. When I was at the University of Glamorgan some of the kids could screw just about any thing. using a mainfram,super computer tha sky is the limit
  6. Not really, just concerned that the Gestapo/Stasi has returned to life. Erich Mielke would laugh his bits off.

    PS The search may only be carried out on suspected terrorists, but what is a terrorist? Furthermore a judge must approve the action, however COMMA German judges tend to rubber stamp every search warrant and the BKA boss can, at his own discretion authorise an on line search if it is a matter of urgency.

    Fatsplasher it is not naivity, it is a serious question from someone whose knowledge of computers is average, and with no knowledge of hacking.
  7. AAGF


    Look up the definition of "Backdoor" as applied to PCs, Servers and Firewalls.
  8. I have slight paranoia about my computer security (because of interweb banking, with a b you bastards) and have installed firewalls, spyware, anti-virus all sorts of stuff.

    All I have found is that hackers must think I have something to protect and I get attacked quite often. Fuckers.
  9. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    The correct answer is that they can bring more resources to the problem of accessing your computer than you can devote to protecting it.

    That said, the resources to access encrypted data with state of the art algorithms would not be available to the police. They can easily access your programs and activities though with your ISP's cooperation.
  10. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Download your porn from someone else's and store on a stand alone. Problem solved.
  11. This is assuming that your computer is connected to the internet to start with.

    Police have been examining the ISP logs [which can be a mirror of everything you up or download] of suspected terrorists & paedophiles for a while and this is not even on your computer so it need not even be turned on!

    Clever criminals do not use the internet at all. At least not for that type of activity.

    I read of a German Paedophile who drove around with laptop with a un-registered connection and accessing WiFi hotspots. Seems a labour intensive way to access ARRSE however!
  12. get a proxy ISP in another country, se Foxy proxy on Firefoxe
  13. It's all that dodgy German porn you scanned that they're after... :wink:

    You know, the stuff with all those fat birds and the baby oil...
  14. I once heard someone say "A safe computer is one not connected to the internet".
    It is always possible to 'crack' someones PC through numerous ways, even with advanced security somebody in the know can do exactly what they want, especially organizations like MI5 etc.

    Remote access is done various ways, a firewall can be by passed simply, your IP address got easily and many other things can be done to hack you such as keyloggers etc.

    The police can only search a PC/Digital device if it is believed the user is breaking the law. There are many (some new) laws safe gaurding the net and peoples use but these are to deter people-they can still do it.

    Stay of dodgy porn sites, scan everything you download and try not to break the law online.
  15. This is unlikely because you have a firewall etc installed. The more likely explanation is that you aren't being attacked / pinged etc any more now than you were before, the only difference is that you now have software installed that tells you when its happened/happening 8)