On-line poll for Future Defence Review


I'm not sure if this has been posted before, I didn't notice if it had. If MOD are looking for the general public's opinion before completing an FDR, we're pretty much all buggered, aren't we?

Incidentally, if you're tempted to click on the survey form, make sure you read and answer the questions very carefully... it seems to have been laid out to confuse the general public (IMO). E.g. the distinction drawn between UKAF and MOD - one is clearly worthy of the highest praise, the other is the MOD. I also got a sneaky suspicion that if you don't rate Drug Dealers as a threat to Homeland Security, they'll take that as an excuse to axe the rest of the surface fleet etc etc...
If the MoD don't know then that is the fault of their their political masters.

I wonder if this poll is just a 'clever idea' on someones part or if there is a deeper reason behind it.

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