On line or local accountants for the self employed.

Hi all,

Looking for some advice on the above.

I've seen a couple of sites that offer accountancy services for the self -employed ( I only need one to fill in my Tax Return), and they offer an 'all-in' package for £xx a month.

There's also a couple of local reasonably sized Accountancy practices and I've also seen a few much smaller one man band practices that obviously work from home.

Not sure the best way to go forward, would it be worth phoning around the local firms asking for quotes/fees, as you would for a plasterer, or would you go on-line or for the one man band.

Any experiences or advice gratefully recieved as always.
I've always used one man- bands.... best way to find one is ask around some one man- band businesses, like plumbers or electricians or plasterers.

We want them to be no- frills and cheap, but keep the tax man right and not upset them.

Where are you, someone on here might be able to help with their accountant?

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