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On Line Map Symbols

Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by pipelinepete, Feb 28, 2005.

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  1. Apart from the "Battle Box", is there a source of reference for military map symbols - need to get into the nitty gritty of individual weapon symbols etc.

    many thanks
  2. If you have MK1 they are on there. :wink:
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  4. Wow! did I read his ad right? He spent umpteen years at proper grown-up school, achieved his majority, appears to have a kitbag full of quals and now he's trying to persuade people to purchase letters from him??

    The sheer neck of this bloke is amazing! Surely most of the people who would even consider using his services know that most word processing programs already contain a sh*t load of fonts... I mean, £600 for a font? Zoinks!
  5. This link blew me away. I know this bloke, he is a a right tosser and it has astounded me that he is doing this. Actually no, IFOR he was a geek, spent little time on anything else but obviously learning this. Now I know. What's this shite he wrote:
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  6. Possibly the worst grammar I have ever seen.


  7. ... as I noticed as soon as I pressed Submit :[
  8. Is he actually able to sell this service as technically he must be bound by some sort of intellectual property clause as he is working for MOD ?
  9. IIRC APP-3 is the NATO map marking manual. Every unit should have a copy.
  10. Isn't it APP 6A now?
  11. APP-6A it is.
  12. 3 things if I may:

    1. Tom Mouat's work on 'digitising' APP-6a saved the Government an absolute fortune - he did it as a private citizen and then gave all his work (i.e. the fonts) to the Government gratis. IMHO he deserves a little gratitude from someone. I agree that his website is a little dull, but then why visit if you aren't interested in this sort of thing?

    2. OOTS (among others) is quite correct - the NATO standard is APP-6a. This is why the Bowman system has this symbol set - it provides a guarantee of graphical interoperability with our NATO chums if nothing else. :wink:

    3. The UK standard is colloquially termed 2525B. This is what leads to confusion in the Fd Army as some people are used to different symbology i.e. the use of a 'key' for CSS as opposed to using the word 'CSS' in sub-field A.
  13. Apart from the "Battle Box", is there a source of reference for military map symbols - need to get into the nitty gritty of individual weapon symbols etc.

    Please can you explain why you think there is a need for this within our armed forces?