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Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Elsbodyloris, Jan 2, 2008.

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  1. Ok, so I know I am setting myself up here, but I would really like a truthful and honest answer from you guys who are married or have a "partner" whilst you have been on Op tour.

    Why do married/attached soldiers feel the need to sign up to an on-line dating agency?

    Is it a big bravado thing between the rest of you?

    Is it a fantasy thing ?

    Or am I being such a silly bitch that I am ignoring the fact that my husband wants someone else rather than me?

    I've heard rumours of other blokes doing it and now I find mine is too....call me Inspector Morse, or bit of a nosey bitch, whatever you want, but he has emails from females from dating sites.

    So what should I conclude of this? He hasn't actually been in contact with anyone, as far as I can see. ....but why would he anyway?

    Just tell me what the score is?

    Also should I mention it to him that I know, or just let him play his stupid playground games with his little friends?
  2. You need to shift 20 stone, shave your tash, and swallow next time you take a mouthful .
  3. I am sure that I will regret answering this post but;

    I have had similar emails, but have never joined a 'dating' site in my life.

    It seems to me that like other internet 'programmes' and emails they just turn up in your inbox uninvited. They just go into my junk box.

    Also, some friends have included me on sites such as WAYN, (I think that's how you spell it), and I have had equal number of unsolicited emails from women of a similar age from that and other sites too.

    All ignored/deleted, after reading them of course.

    He may have joined this site/he may not.

    There is only one way to find out, but that would be far too devious and I am sure, that as a member of the 'fairer' sex, you will be able to figure that one out, all on your own, without any help from me.

    Even if he has/is, so what. I don't think he will be doing naked camera shows from Afghan or wherever.

    Clearly he, like it appears you, have an outlet, other than your imediate partner, on which to unload.

    I have to say however, that if you caught him going through your handbag/emails you would be rather annoyed.

    You are in my opinion on very thin ice.

    I'd leave it alone girl if I were you. After all he ain't doing any harm.

    Unless of course you subscribe to the predominately female held view, that to even think about another female is cheating.

    I wish you luck in any case.
  4. As per Goku and let him kick your back doors in as well. Problem solved for a few weeks.
    The fact that he's daft enough to leave compromising E-mails in his inbox where you can access them, or even have a chance of accessing them, really makes me wonder if he's worth you worrying about. The words thick and plank readily spring to mind.
    He's RLC isn't he?
  5. No he isn't RLC.....actually

    Nah, nah, na,na,na :geek:

    I've looked on the site and there is a member on there which could (I'm sure 95%) be him. Although no personal details - height, weight, hair colour, etc

    So what would be the point? If it is him, then why join in the first place is what I'm saying?

    Notty ash what do you mean "so what" if he has or is? Errm he's married and its a on-line dating service, or do you not believe in morals, respect and fidelity. I'm sure if it is him and he found out I'd joined he would be none to pleased.

    He does read my emails, but I don't mind because I have nothing to hide. It bugs me if he reads them before me, but no big deal. I've never had on-line dating agencies send spam to my email.

    I just want to know even if it isn't him, why do attached blokes do this? To boost their ego, or jumping on the bandwagon cos their mates are?

    Thanks again,

    and you know what Goku your reply was really not expected - so unpreDICtable!!!!!
  6. go on...set up an email and contact him...go on go on go on, you KNOW you want to!!

  7. Or just find a better relationship full stop and save all the p1ssing about.
  8. Just a quick one to nottasyh - there is a 'k' in "Knotty Ash". Poor old Doddy has been in hospital over the weekend - had to cancel a show in my town! What a legend!

    Oh yeah, Elsbodyloris - show us a pic of you so we know what this guy is "cheating" on. Go on, go on, go on...
  10. Join the site, and send the "possibley your husband" member an email.

    Just be ready for the fall out if it...

    a. Is him.

    b. Isn't him and you get caught out.

    Or follow Pitswamper and Gokus advise, and see if there is a reason for his straying.
  11. or could it be he is 1000s of mile away from his loved ones , bored ,pissed off looking for a distraction from being shot at and couped up in barrack. If he is doing it when he comes home then that may be a problem.
  12. Could have just been a tour competition to see how many emails you could get. Or an earnest attempt to fill up the pig board.
  13. It's probably true that your husband was trying to get an online sympathy shag jacked up for when he gets back.

    If, shortly after he returns, he disappears for a while, then chances are he's making sweet beautiful love to a slimmer, younger, more attractive and ultimately more adventurous in bed bird.

    You heard it here first - no need to thank me. As a good will gesture though you might like to lose some weight.
  14. Get a life you paranoid snooping grotbag.

    Hold the paranoid, he's probably looking to trade up for a younger, less hirsute model
  15. if he comes home and wants to make mad passionate love to you no probs. If on the other hand he walks in the door and remember he has set of shelves to put up then oooppsss better hope the novelty wears off his on line slapper quickly!