on leave place to stay?

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by callum13, Dec 6, 2007.

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  1. hey all, im wondering when your on leave during or after training can you stay on the camp if you have nowhere to go?

    this isnt a Wah, i hope :)
  2. i dont know, but im quite certain you can (as you are paying for it)
  3. volunteer for barrier technician duties :D
  4. It's your home, your are entitled to stay in it whenever you want. It might be that for block leave (when the entire unit departs) your QM will move all those that wish to stay into one block (to save on fuel and light, heating etc) - watch out that they don't try to swing the old "if your not going away, then you may as well be on barrack guard rountine"! . I know in my previous unit we had several individuals who had nowhere to go to on leave (for whatever reason) who stayed in the block.
  5. Pretty sad state of affairs if you have nowhere to go. get a life of some sort.
  6. yes you can stay. But you will need to inform your CQMS/SQMS type person and you may need to move rooms as a temp measure, but your QM will make that choice for you.

    Have you not thought of staying at a mates hse over leave?