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On leave / No Clerks / You lot the next best thing

Ok, Im going on my D.I.T course in september, its over two weekends at RAF Lynham. I have a hire car sorted, accommadation is on site, and its a PAYD camp. I am based at tidworth and we are not PAYD.

Hit me with what im entitled to :D :D :D :D :D

(Cue the "only IE at £5 a day x4 days" :( :( )
On the first weekend I have to be there on the friday to book onto course. Thinking about it both weekends I will probably have to get there on the Friday. Can this day be claimed against?
IE will not be payable on the friday or sunday, so you only get 2 X IE as on those days it is assumed you leave/return your parent unit so therefore you can make all phone calls etc from there then. so not 4IE but only 2!
IE requires an OVERNIGHT stay. So the nights you stay are the nights you claim. It is normally accepted that you have to arrive the night before the start of duty (Sunday) due to travelling. So you Claim, Sun-Thu twice. As for turning up on the Fri to book on to the course, If your JIs (Joining Instructions) tell you to report for duty on a Friday and it is not a working weekend, that's the biggest pile of wierd of ever seen. Your Start of duty (first day of course) will be covered by MMA @ PCR unless Mil Tpt is provided, as will your return to duty station. The period of 2 weeks inbetween is covered by GYH same theatre which is done by Clerical peeps on the JPA Arrivals.

As the course is over two WEEKENDS then you will be able to claim each Fri/Sat night you stay there. So IE x £5 x 4 nights.

With the hire car you can't claim any fuel back on JPA so make sure you have all you need before leaving Tidworth (As you have already planned to do) There is no GYH entitlement as it is less than 10 days seperation and you have access to a hire car.

Book out with your clerks and give them a copy of the joining instructions so that they can move & track you and tick the PAYD box - this will refund your food charge.

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