on leave and on duty at the same time????????

our unit is quite happy to give you leave as normal.....all seems fine but then just as you go, you read detail and find that you are on a duty or two over your leave!!!!!!!!!!

is this right??????

also does this mean that your leave forms that you fill in are not done correctly??....


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You cannot be on duty and leave at the same time.  Suggest you speak to your Tp SSgt or whoever goes to duties conference and tell them to sort their sh1t out....unless of course you're pulling a fast one ....
So that means I can't be asked to work for two weeks during a three-week block leave then?

OK, fine.....

...STAND BY!!!!


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Providing that you have a leave pass signed by your employing officer and you have applied for leave in the usual way.  No leave pass....no leave

Unless you are required for duty (deployment or other such emergency then of course all bets are off.  Suggest going abroad during every leave period ...you are only called back if it is really required then...
i aint pulling a fast one...............this goes on throughout the unit, i have asked about it at the admin office (snigger snigger loads of help) and they say that it it legal and there is nothing i can do about it


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No it is not...the fact that you are on leave means that you are not available for duty.  You should raise the issue with your troop staff.  If this does not give you satisfactory results then the issue should be raised at a Sqn Comds interview (which you should ask for), if the matter is still not cleared up then you should ask for a COs interview.  

Soldiers (and Officers) who have agreed leave signed off by their employing officer can not legally be on duty for a number of very good insurance reasons!!  As well as for all the usual leadership and morale issues...
It depends on what came first - the leave pass or the duty allocation - that is what takes priority.  It has not been unknown for som individuals to bang in a leave pass the moment they find they are on duty and before their employing officer finds out - then argue that they cannot be on duty as they have a signed leave pass.  Some real scallywags out there.
Indeed - just one of many pathetic excuses I have seen over the years.  Others include:

"I put my leave pass in the internal mail AGES ago".
"Yep you definately signed it - look it's in my diary...".
"... gave it to the troop staffy boss, he must 'ave lost it".
"But I've already booked my holiday!"
"My missus will go mental - she's taking time off work".

etc. etc. etc.
thanks for the input but on a serious note, how do i go about challenging this, is there a reference to leave in mat regs or something to which i can refer to, so that when i go in the admin office and say something about it they might listen a little more???????

a copy of detail relevant to the dates of my duties, my filled in and signed leave passes etc etc, i take it i am entitled to have access to these so i can challenge it.

and just for info.....my whole Bn.  at least 70% of it are affected by this....is this a mass corrution and abuse of the system by my unit???..........yes im past caring about the effects of standing up to them now, ive been fucked up the ass to many times and no one gives a shit except me now, i just dont wann go against them all guns blazing without back up
It appears that you have a grievance that needs redressing.  Get an OC's interview and outline your problem, if the OC is the problem then start with the RAO or the Adjt (who is normally the focus for all redresses in a unit).  There is a set format for the redressing process but there is also a time limit, you must detail why tou think you have been wronged, by who and what you want doing about it.  Keep a diary of events and copies of all of the paperwork.

Good luck


Not really an answer to your problem but maybe a way of highlighting it.

According to the RAAC (Regulations for Army Allowances and Charges) and the Army Leave Manual, if you are nominated for a duty during a period of recognised leave or stand down then you are entitled to claim for the travel costs incurred.

What this means is that you can claim MMA from your leave address to your duty address and BACK AGAIN at the DUTY RATE.

If this is widespread at your unit then I reckon that once the SPS branch start seeing a load of claims like this on their annual inspection then I think some questions are going to be asked!


this is suppostion as I do not know the  manual anymore.
Is leave privaledged or entitlement? (Please someone get spell check on here). it used to be  (I think) 28 days annual +10 bank holidays if you didn't take your 28 days - tuff sh*t, if you couldn't take the 28 days OC could carry over max 14 days, but I was under the impression that 28 days was always subject to duty requirements.

But I could be wrong ( not the 1st time).. :D

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