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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by FatBoyGeorge, Sep 19, 2007.

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  1. Gents, please add this group to your Facebook Profile and invite your friends to spread the word of Rememberence.

    It's a small, new group. More people wanted.

    I wont say too much, have a look and feel free to post on the wall with comments and ideas.


  2. Any link which requires me to register before viewing gets a wide berth.
  3. Nice 1 guys. Got 79 members at the mo and still rising.
  4. 94 members, the centeneral member gets a special prize!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. bugger i was 97 no prize for me then
  6. Bugger it! Just joined, #99!
  7. Well done Mazur, your are the lucky centeneral member. You get first refusal on smelling my farts; the offer then goes to Older_by_the_day as he was member #99.

    Good work guys, 134 members.
  8. That's OK I I bequeath my second place prize back to Mazur. He can have double helpings...