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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by lacrabat, Feb 23, 2006.

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  1. When was the last time you went out on exercise and actually did, or train for the job you are supposed to do ?

    Being a REMF in an Inf Bn HQ set up the chances for me to do my job tactically are virtually nil, is it just my unit or do others use SDR as an excuse not to deploy in the field but " administer " the exercising troops from hard standing or back in camp ?

    1st post and all that.... :lol:
  2. Same sh1t different beret!

    I take it you are a clerk? I take it you are a Pte? (apologies, deep humble ones, if I'm wrong). If you can get yourself into one of the Rifle Coys you should have morechance to do some soldier stuff.
  3. surely lacrabat's point is that they are unable to do their role, not that they couldn't get muddy if they wanted to? Either way it is an arrsey state of affairs.
  4. Ive never done a hosp-ex ever, but I have helped in CAS-CON at one if that counts...
    Last exercise I did was FIBUA, but did some first aid on it....

    T C
  5. being attached to a unit means that you do the jobs that that unit wants/needs you to do, so for you to be doing execises relating to your chosen regiments role you would probably need to be on execise with your chosen regiment. however as part of a cavelry unit i find that we rarely get to do much tank related exercises and instead concentrate on inf jobs due to tanks rarely being used in the sandpit
  6. lacrabat has come across a serious issue - if you want to train a unit you have to train at a '1 up' level. This means if you want to train a company, including the OC, CSM, colour boy et al you need to deploy the whole battalion. That way there is a Bn HQ to give the orders and echelons to provide all the gear. If you just deploy the company this chain is not practised and you find people in lacrabat's position - not training.

    So what? I hear you cry. In the good old days, when men were men and we all had SLRs, we had brigades with a role with gunners, sappers and yeomanry all doing their thing. The Brig would give orders and everyone would launch themselves into a frenzy of action because the COs knew that it was their opportunity to show how great their battalion was in front of the commander.

    A series of cuts later and you're lucky to have a battalion with a machine gun in it, let alone a mortar or milan. The result - our officers get all their knowledge from MK1 or other theory courses and Q parties think that the logistical supply chain is from the QM via Bookers. This lack of knowledge base is a serious flaw in our organisation and leads to problems on mobilisation.
  7. London Distict used to organsie about once every 18 mnths a district wide exercise, where every one would do thier role, the RMP would orgnaise the routes, the infanty would fight, the support units would support.

    They used to be boring exercises for the toms, but in terms of admin and the big picture, they had thier uses.

  8. When did they stop doing that?

    T C
  9. Probably when it got too expensive. :(
  10. The last one was in the mid to late 90's Id guess.
  11. Griffin Focus?
  12. They stopped it when the Brigades became administrative only and no longer supporting HD or 2 Div. Was it not SDR in 97?
  13. Last one was back in summer supporting 102log bde, got two coming long in a months time - quids in for TA_s.
  14. Last weekend
  15. Black Cat ? Up at STANTA i think..