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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by signmeup, Feb 10, 2009.

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  1. What sort of jobs do the infantry do when there based back at barracks?

    I've tried searching and nothing really covers this so a bit of information would be really helpful.


  2. It depends on the unit, and what sort of Inf you are (Armd Inf) etc.

    Also it depends on what role you fill within the Unti (stores/sigs/rifle company etc)
  3. I'm hoping to join the Para's. - Still got to do selection but just trying to get a good idea of the jobs i'll be doing if I pass selection...
  4. Id also like to know the answer to this im going in the Paras start 3rd of may.
    Do you get your driving license whilst at base?
    and what sort of things do you do day to day, do you get the weekends off?
  5. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Most days start with a run or some other sort of Platoon phys, usually with a Coy or Bn TAB on Fridays. The rest of the time varies depending on what you have on the programme at the time.

    You could be on exercise, preparing kit for exercise, or doing post exercise admin. You could be doing Pl training, or Bn led training for various mil skills. You could be working for the storeman doing admin jobs or looking after the Coy vehicles.

    If you are lucky, you could be skiving on your bed.

    Weekends off depends on whether you are on ops, ex or duties. If none of the above, then the weekends should be free. Driving license is a definate possibility, but depends on the availability of driver training.
  6. 16 AA do A LOT of exercises... not just little ones either, these involve the entire brigade, the AAC, RAF (heli and airborne warrior delivery method - C130) and a hole montage of supporting units. The exercises come round thick and fast too, usually lasting for a couple of weeks at a time. Before ex the whole week is taken up testing your kit, check and test, check and test!!!! When you get back, role dependant but that following week you’re going to be cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning - Kit, weapons (hope to god you’re not stuck with a gimpy - complete Ar5e to clean!!!) vehicles, if your sigs then you got the radio kit to test and sign back in (after a clean of course), stores are also quite busy brewing up and making sure all the g10 crap is back in place, after all stores are for storing!!!
    Rest of the time is taken up with phys phys phys, Fridays were my fav; you can never beat a good ol' tab after spending all of Thursday night in the toon. Mil training is thrown in for good measure when there is a 'lull' in activities, either that or 'sports' (read into that what you will).
    Most weekends are yours to do what you will within reason (sadly fighting is not one of said good reasons and you will inevitably have fewer weekends to yourself for your troubles). Early knock off on Friday means come 1300hrs, there’s a mad rush heading for the A12; think wacky races though I'm going to assume you’re too young to know what I'm on about.
    Then obviously you got tour after tour to take off, think maybe 1 every 12 / 18 months and you’re about on the money.
    Finally, if I'm honest and most of the older guys on here are prob thinking it too, your first 6 months are pretty much going to be taken up with brewing up for everyone, cleaning up for everyone (find a good brush handle, less blisters) and generally being a bitch to anyone who is senior to you.. And yes, for all you guys who don't know that does mean other privates. That and getting very, VERY drunk... initiation drinks anyone hmmmmm

    Hope that scratches your itch fella, green light, go!!!!!

  7. Once youve been in a few years, get yersel a pair of coveralls (green x1) and cover them in a few splashes of oil or what ever, you can then walk around when everyone else is busy pretending to be busy, obviously this skive does not need to take place if sitting in your room is an alternative option :D
  8. Requires a clip board with two random VRNs written on it for full effect. "I'm trying to track these two vehs down for the MT Sgt".
  9. Hahahaha i forgot bout the clipboard, that was used for other skives too. However, i wasnt even in the MT and still got away with it lol :roll:
  10. Sounds like a blast, cheers.

    My Bold - Haven't seen that for a long time, is it still going I wonder..
  11. and don't forget the long waits in between tasks while the seniors pi55 off for a brew - followed by lots of area sweeps. :wink:
  12. we spend most of our time up the sheds being armoured infantry

    always work to be done on the wagons

    but even so we have a lot of time to ourself... 10am start mondays , sports afternoon wednesdays, 11:30am knock off on fridays

    PT tuesday to friday , but with herrick coming up we're doing a lot more, 5 days a week maybe even twice a day
  13. Area sweeps, getting on and off buses, rushing like f*ck to stand around for hours on end.
  14. Hurry up and wait